Maypoles & May Day in Nottinghamshire

There are records of 12 village Maypoles in Nottinghamshire. In alphabetical order they are; Bradmore, Boughton, Clifton, Farnsfield, Gedling, Gotham, Hucknall Torkhard, Linby, North Wheatly, Nottingham, Stapleford, and Wellow.

With the exception of Wellow, and Linby, all of these poles have now disappeared.


The earliest written reference to a pole at Wellow is 1835, but tradition states that it is a survivor of the ancient Maypoles. The current pole, replacing its predecessor, was erected on 7th February 1976. Made of steel and painted in the traditional red, white and blue spiral, this pole stands at 55ft tall,  60ft including the weather vane. The good folk of Wellow are rightly proud of the Maypole and public May Day celebration take place on the Village Green every year on the Bank Holiday nearest to May Day.


Bradmore Maypole

Boughton Maypole

Clifton Maypole

Farnsfield Maypole

Gedling Maypole

Gotham Maypole

Hucknall Maypole

Linby Maypole

North Wheatley Maypole

Nottingham Maypole

Stapleford Maypole

Wellow Maypole