Sport and Recreation

Informal fun and games were enjoyed on the Meadows long before the houses were built. The green fields offered opportunities for unorganised, violent games of football and the early forms of cricket, as well as peaceful walks for the residents of Nottingham.

As sport became more formalised the Meadows remained a favoured venue for cricket and football.

Although the area was built on from the 1850s through to the early 20th century, land was thoughtfully set aside for sport. At the same time reduced working hours meant that local folk had more time to watch and play sport on the new recreation grounds and on and around the River Trent where fishing, bathing and boating all grew in popularity.

The “Vic” Embankment, Queen’s Walk rec., and Portland Baths will all hold special memories for Meadows folk.

Do you have memories of watching and playing sport “down the Meadows”? Do you remember notable Meadows sportsmen and women? Maybe you have a photograph of a sporting team or an individual. Why not make a post on the site and share your memories with others?

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Boy with a bat
Examination of a painting with local references, by Thomas Hudson