Nottinghamshire People

Page link: BENTON, Thomas [of Mansfield]
BENTON, Thomas [of Mansfield]
Boot & Shoe salesman
Page link: DARBY, The Rt.Revd. Richard (1919 - 1993)
DARBY, The Rt.Revd. Richard (1919 - 1993)
Bishop of Sherwood & classic car enthusiast
Page link: Death at the Altar - Southwell Minster, 1807
Death at the Altar - Southwell Minster, 1807
The untimely demise of Robert Barlow Cook
Page link: FREELAND, Rebecca (d.1741)
FREELAND, Rebecca (d.1741)
Epitaph in Edwalton churchyard
Page link: GIBSON, Stephen (Sir)
GIBSON, Stephen (Sir)
Of Manor Farm, Halam
Page link: HADKINS, Elizabeth (d.1767)
HADKINS, Elizabeth (d.1767)
Epitaph in Cotham churchyard
Page link: Henry Ireton of Attenborough
Henry Ireton of Attenborough
Civil War general and son-in-law to Oliver Cromwell
Page link: HOUFTON family and World War 1
HOUFTON family and World War 1
Letters about the death of the son of Sir John Plowright Houfton
Page link: Jeremiah Brandreth
Jeremiah Brandreth
Sutton in Ashfield
Page link: John Smith of Hickling
John Smith of Hickling
An interesting grave epitaph
Page link: Memories of many people
Memories of many people
Are you or family mentioned - hoping so
Page link: MRS
Page link: Nottinghamshire men at Agincourt
Nottinghamshire men at Agincourt
The evidence of Muster Rolls
Page link: PAULSON, E [of Mansfield]
PAULSON, E [of Mansfield]
Chemist & druggist
Page link: Photographing Nottinghamshire from his bicycle
Photographing Nottinghamshire from his bicycle
Reg Baker - cycling photographer
Page link: Sir John Digby
Sir John Digby
A Nottinghamshire Cavalier
Page link: Thompson's Grave (or Mound) at Mansfield
Thompson's Grave (or Mound) at Mansfield
A Notts remembrance of the Lisbon earthquake of 1755
Page link: Walster family gravestone re-discovered.
Walster family gravestone re-discovered.
Intriguing story behind gravestone in Farndon
Page link: William Agar
William Agar
Chemist of Retford & Mansfield
Page link: ALLEN & Co. [of Mansfield]
ALLEN & Co. [of Mansfield]
Tallow Chandlers
Page link: BOOTH, Tom [of Nottingham] (1777 - 1752)
BOOTH, Tom [of Nottingham] (1777 - 1752)
18th century deer-rustling in the Park of Nottingham Castle
Page link: BROWN, Henry (Sgt)
BROWN, Henry (Sgt)
Retford's Rifle range at Bolham Butts
Page link: CHAPMAN [of Mansfield]
CHAPMAN [of Mansfield]
Hairdresser, wigs etc
Page link: CLATER, Francis [of Whatton, Newark & Retford] (1756 - 1823)
CLATER, Francis [of Whatton, Newark & Retford] (1756 - 1823)
Best-selling veterinary author of the 18th century. Renowned for his books on horse and cattle husbandry.
Page link: FRASER, Neil ('Jock')
FRASER, Neil ('Jock')
Well-remembered wanderer, travelling knife grinder and scissor sharpener
Page link: HAWKES, J.C. [of Mansfield]
HAWKES, J.C. [of Mansfield]
Tea & Coffee wholesaler
Page link: HUDSON, Kitty [of Arnold]
HUDSON, Kitty [of Arnold]
The Pin Woman of Arnold
Page link: LOVE, David (1750 - 1827) [of Nottingham]
LOVE, David (1750 - 1827) [of Nottingham]
18th century balladeer and 'street poet'
Page link: MUNNS, Stuart (Revd., OBE) [of Langar]
MUNNS, Stuart (Revd., OBE) [of Langar]
Rural Dean of Uttoxeter
Page link: OMAN family of Newark-on-Trent
OMAN family of Newark-on-Trent
Photographers and Gilders etc
Page link: Ransome & Marles orchestra
Ransome & Marles orchestra
Can you help with this Newark-based query?
Page link: REVEL, Charles [of Mansfield]
REVEL, Charles [of Mansfield]
Corn, flour & cheese wholesaler
Page link: RYCROFT, John [of Mansfield]
RYCROFT, John [of Mansfield]
Plumber, Glazier & Gas Fitter
Page link: WATSON, William [of Mansfield]
WATSON, William [of Mansfield]
Auctioneer (and Hat warehouse)
Category link: COTTAM, Harold
COTTAM, Harold
Hero of the 'Titanic' disaster