History is Over Our Heads

Previous uses of some of Newark's Historic Buildings

This resource is in the form of two short walks around the streets of central Newark looking at familiar shops and offices which we might use everyday, but which are located in some of Newark's oldest and most historic buildings.

The distances covered by each walk are only about 1/2 - 3/4 miles each, are on level paved area, with safe crossing points across roads and wheelchair accessible

Each walk illustrates the great amount of history that can be observed around Newark in even those short distances.

AIMS - To become more familiar with some of Newark's most historic buildings, and to be able to 'read' them in looking for signs of earlier use.

OBJECTIVES - To identify selected buildings along each route and to use evidence that is actually visible on the building (plaques, signs, carvings, old nameplates and old advertisements etc) to identify what the building was originally built for, or who originally owned it.


WALK 1 looks at buildings around Newark Market Place heading towards the castle. 

  • Starting point: Starbucks in the Market Place
  • Finishing point: Zizzi's pizza restaurant, Beastmarket Hill

For resources for Walk 1 click HERE


WALK 2 looks at buildings along Appletongate heading towards Beaumond Cross and into Albert Street

  • Starting point: Appletongate car park
  • Finishing point: close to the Asda supermarket

For resources for Walk 2 click HERE


This resource was created by Newark Library (Nottinghamshire County Council), March 2014. 

For more information contact tim.warner@nottscc.gov.uk Tel. 0792 008 8982