Arnold started out as an isolated community, the road from Nottingham stopped at the top of the village, and the people led quiet rural lives. Then came the agricultural and industrial revolutions, and improved transport links, and everything started to change. Mills were founded and large factories in the Arnold Daybrook area were established to make beer and do laundry. A railway came to Daybrook, and trams and buses and better roads started to open up the growing town until it became the commuter suburb that it is today.

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Nottinghamshire men at Agincourt
The evidence of Muster Rolls
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snippets from history
snippets from history vol 2
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Snippets from history
vol 1 Arnold and Mapperley
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Arnold - An Introduction
Some descriptions of the town from early county histories and guide books
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Herons or Eagles?
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HUDSON, Kitty [of Arnold]
The Pin Woman of Arnold
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Useful sources
Researching the history of Arnold using the local studies collection in Arnold library
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This could include work outings, Wakes, or reminiscences about pastimes and activities during time off work
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Turn back time - Shopping in Arnold
Everything about shops and shopping