Yer Wott!

Did you know that the Nottinghamshire word for “Ladybird” is “Cowlady”?   Maybe you always refer to dogs as “Juklers” or cats as “Mazzis”?

We would like you to add more words and phrases which are local to Nottinghamshire so that they can be included in the dictionary as a permanent record of the local dialect.

We’ve split the dictionary into different categories, so check to see what we already have, and then, if you want to add something, scroll to the bottom of any of the category pages and click on the option to leave a comment.

If you want a quick look at the complete dictionary, click here to download the A – Z record of “Notts as it is spoke”.

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A - Z Dictionary
Nottinghamshire Words and Dialect
Page link: Animals
From Cowlady to Bobbo
Page link: Body parts
Body parts
Are any of these words unique to Nottinghamshire?
Page link: Food
From Snap to Tuffy
Page link: Greetings, feelings and emotions
Greetings, feelings and emotions
Feeling mardy or smockravveled?
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Odds and ends
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Nottinghamshire Sayings
Converted to English
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Places and Place-names
From the names of places to the words for passageways and footpaths