Quirky Beeston

The things that make Beeston famous or like other places are talked about elsewhere.  This is the page for the quirky and surprising, even the downright odd! 

Some of the pictures here feature things that might be easily overlooked (the graffiti cartoon, for example).  Others are well-known Beeston landmarks or quirks, such as the clock with no hands that presides over the Square.  Let's celebrate the things that make Beeston like no other place.  Maybe there is something you pass everyday that makes you want to smile.  Maybe you always look out for a particular, unique feature of the town when you have been away.  What says 'quirky Beeston' to you?

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Page link: Quirky Beeston
Quirky Beeston
The tour
Page link: The sculpture
The sculpture
Beeston Square's strangest work of art
Page link: Did Banksy visit Beeston?
Did Banksy visit Beeston?
Now you see him...
Page link: The clock with no hands
The clock with no hands
The Timeless Square
Page link: The tower left behind
The tower left behind
The old fire station