Ann Darwin Cottages

Photo:Ann Darwin Cottages, Elston, photographed in 1978

Ann Darwin Cottages, Elston, photographed in 1978

Reg Baker /

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Top Street, Elston

Alms Houses

These are for senior citizens and are provided under the Darwin Family charity. The Darwins lived at the Hall, part of which is seen in the background. Ann Darwin bequested land to her sons, William and Robert, on condition that they should each give £100 for the building of four cottages for the 'maintenance of four impotent widows'. Robert Darwin, as Lord of the Manor, applied to and received permission from the Court on 24th April 1745, in compliance with an act of 1601 which empowered manorial applicants the right to make such provisions. ( This information can be seen in 'The Elston Index' by Christopher Blackamore and Frederick Thomas, published 1997)

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