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Census 1851 - Beeston

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A national census is an official government survey for finding out detailed information about its country's population, demographics and changes in culture and belief.  It is held every ten years.

A national census remains a valuable source of information for historians and genealogists. Nottinghamshire Archives has a subscription to Ancestry online which you can use free when you visit us; you just need to bring your Nottinghamshire County library card or you can bring identification and be issued with a temporary card.

A modern census will ask you all kinds of in-depth questions.  In these from 1851, they were more simple. They can show notable differences in how people live and work.

In this one for Beeston, on page 36, with an address of 136, The Villa, there is:

Head of the household Condition      Age

John Watson                 Widower          59


Silk Throwster Partner in the firm of F.B Gill & Co. Beeston who employ 580 hands.  Also Manager in the Bank of T & L Wright & Co, Nottingham and agent to the Guardian Fire & Life Assurance Company

In the same property are his two unmarried daughters and:

Mary Cumberland, Servant, unmarried, 36 year old cook

Elizabeth Brown, Servant, unmarried, 27 year old housemaid


In 34 Turnpike Road, in the same parish, for the same year:

Head of the household   Condition   Age

Amelia Brookes                Widow        23


Silk Throwster

Living with her are:

a daughter of 10 months

Her mother of 58, widow, framework knitter.

Two brothers, ages 28 and 25 (both agricultural labourers)

Photo:A page from the 1851 Census

A page from the 1851 Census

This example is Pleasley Vale near Mansfield

Photo:Census enumerator in action, 1901

Census enumerator in action, 1901

He is asking Romanies who seem surprisingly happy to answer

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