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The Story behind OurNottinghamshire and who is involved


OurNottinghamshire is a non-proft making website which was purchased in 2010 with funding from the Nottinghamshire Loves Learning Partnership. This partnership acts as the umbrella body. It is as partners of this body that Nottinghamshire Libraries, Archives and Information Service and Nottingham City Library & Information Service administer this website.

The members of the partnership include: Greater Nottingham Partnership, Castle College Nottingham, New College, Nottingham, North Nottinghamshire College, South Nottingham College, West Nottinghamshire College, The Dukeries Community College, Sutton Centre Community College, Enable (Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Voluntary and Community Sector Learning and Skills Consortium), Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, County and City Museums and Libraries Service.

OurNottinghamshire is also pleased to receive the support of the Nottinghamshire Local History Association (NLHA).

OurNottinghamshire encourages contributions (whether full articles or comments) on the subject of Nottinghamshire and its history from any individual or community or local history group who registers with us and who agrees to abide by our Terms of Use

All pages and comments submitted to the site are mediated by a team of editors whose purpose is oversee quality and ensure that all submissions adhere to the Editorial Policy below


Editorial Policy

Nottinghamshire County Council Libraries, Archives and Information service and Nottingham City Library & Information Service (The Editors) endeavour to ensure that no obscene, libellous or malicious material is published on the OurNottinghamshire website.  However, Nottinghamshire County Council Libraries, Archives and Information service, Nottingham City Library & Information Service, or the Nottinghamshire Loves Learning partnership may not be considered liable for any such material or information that is posted on the site.  All contributors are responsible for their own submissions in accordance with our Terms of Use.

We ask users to report any material that in their opinion has caused, or is likely to cause, serious offence or damage.  All contributors are responsible for the accuracy of the information they post onto the site.  We would encourage all contributors to look at the online training available in the How to Join in and Get started... guides before submitting their research to the site.  Please reference your sources.  Most importantly, please ensure that you have permission to use images and stories submitted to the site.  This permission includes copyright held in the images. This site operates under the principles of the Data Protection Act which means that sensitive information about living individuals should not be disclosed.

For those wishing to contribute to OurNottinghamshire, please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement before proceeding

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