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By H W

Known by locals as "London Road School" Arkwright School stood on the corner of London Road and Kirkwhite Street in the Meadows.

The school entrance was on Kirkwhite Street.

Part of the original building remains today, but most has been demolished.

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I went here from 1967 to 1973 The best teacher ever was Mr Parr who was my very last teacher at this school....

By Catherine Potts
On 31/07/2012

yes mr parr was a good mr parr died now if so when.he was good to talk to and listen as well,u donot get any more.i was london road school from 1962 till i1966 if like know more call have chat drop me line london road school was the best in my life school dinners.was great

By george oldknow
On 16/02/2013

Mr Hutchinson, Mr Skinner, Miss Raven ??? bet them name rings a bell. George Oldnow mmmm Grainger St or holme street ?

By Philip Cox
On 12/02/2014

I remember Mr Parr and Ms Raven.  I remember playing football on the school yard and the Head Master's opening service prior to the start of each school day.  And remember being asked about Chicago.  I was a student teacher at Arkwright during the winter of 1971-1972.  I was a student at Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Illinois USA (near Chicago).  Great memories.

By Dale Olson
On 17/11/2014

I used to love assembly and the music and going to Trent pool to play football. I remember George Oldknow. Lived next door but one on Colsterworth terrace.

By Walter Atkins
On 26/05/2015

I was born in Kirkwhite Street in 1962 I went to Arkwright school til I was six when we moved because they were taking it all down around that time. I lived next door to a chip shop, it was 62a kirkwhite street and also there was some kind of factory across the road and a little corner shop where I would buy crisps for 3 pence what cool memories all the alleyways remain in my memory always. 

By Rosanna Vitale
On 04/12/2015

I was born in Kirkwhite Street in 1962 I went to Arkwright school til I was six when we moved because they were taking it all down around that time. I lived next door to a chip shop, it was 62a kirkwhite street and also there was some kind of factory across the road and a little corner shop where I would buy crisps for 3 pence what cool memories all the alleyways remain in my memory always. 

By Rosanna Vitale
On 04/12/2015

I can remember Mr part & mr Hutchinson & Mrs raven. Do you remember miss bampton or miss proser. I can remember playing football in the school yard. I use to live on Waterway Street does any one remember the marsdens who use to live next to the Griffin pub. What about playing football on the leany.

By Andy woodward
On 05/02/2016

i went to Arkwright Infants from 1961 to 1963 when we moved to Clifton. I remember mr Parr and Miss Pheasant. We lived on Ryehill Cottages. My dad used to drink at the Rifleman on Kirkwhite Street. I also remember the Leaney.

By Tony Cragg
On 07/07/2016

I lived at 23 Colstworth Terrace, The Holt Family, until 1973 when we moved due to demolishing.  My Granny and Auntie, Mrs Reddish And Mrs Gray lived at number 13. Mr Willoughby, The Condrons, Mrs Toon, Mrs Trulove and Mrs Haze were all our neighbours.  Although I don't remember much about Arkwrite Infant School I do remember great times in the Terrace playing with my brother, sister and friends. All the local kids went to Sunday school and Wednesday special at St Saviours Church. George and Dorothy Oldknow and boys lived a few doors from us plus lovely Laddie, Lassie and the dreaded Sultan....their dogs. Sorry Walter Atkins I don't remember you but I was only 8yrs old when we left. 

By Gena Clifton
On 03/11/2016

we lived in The Meadows on St Saviours St, me Rosemary, brothers Owen, Graham, Martin. All three of us went to Arkwright infants and Juniors. I remember Mr Hutchinson, Miss Raven, Miss Prosser, my dad taught me to read and I was reading books from the Teachers Library at aged 7. Now, Math? Forget it! LOL we left The Medders in 1967, and moved to Carlton. Schoolmates were Sharon Truelove David Cobb Graham Love, Christine Schofield, Linda Tunnely, Linda Sales, Tony Spyby, Paul Cumberpatch

By Rosemary Lawrence
On 01/12/2016

I lived in Church terrace St Saviours street    and went to Arkwright infants and juniors    from 1955 to 61   then on to Trent Bridge seniors  I really loved living in the old meadows great place and very good friends there .


By Mick Cobb
On 01/12/2016

I lived at 42 melton terr from 1952-1960, the friends I remember are christine bell, janet messom yvonne sherwood,hilary hunt and gwen geacock,I went to Arkwright juniors, the teachers I remember are Mrs Holmes, Mrs Raven Mr Pine , Mr Skinner Mr Spedding, the head was Mr Spencer followed by Mr Hutchinson Mr Spencer always liked the hymn Onward Christian Soldiers to be sung at assembly.

people I remember from school include Carole Rainbow, Christine Childs,Jeffery Swanick and Jacquline Hall 

By Joy Spaven
On 12/01/2017

Sorry I made a mistake the head was not Mr Spencer but Mr Williams, I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

By Joy Spaven
On 15/01/2017

Arkwright school was one of the best sad to see gone 

Happy memories. ..i lived on st saviour st at19,17,

And then  at the top of the street no 3 i remember

The  cobb family 

By Dave Smith
On 17/01/2017

I was born in 68 so was here in 73 with my 3 older siblings. i transfered to the new school and on my last day they asked me to stand up and told the whole school that i was the last very last pupil to leave that had attended London Road.  

By Donna hay
On 20/02/2017

A lot of memories from long ago London RD school 55 to 61 Hello Mick cobb long time no see best wishes dave

By D Smallwood
On 08/11/2017

I lived on London road My brother David and I remember so many of the names who have put something in this In this posting . We know George Oldknow very well and his brothers David and Brian, The Truloves lived at the  top end of Colsterworth terrace, I went to school with Antonio Vitale he had a younger brother I think, I remember Andy Woodward and John Marsden, I have such fond memories of the Meadows and the people there. Any one remember Christeen Smith ..Paterick Swinton..KENS shop on glebe street. The Cobb Family..Do you remember Kieth and Gary Green, they lived next to the paper shop on Arkwright street, How abot Cive Mcquin and his brother ?David Lamb? I remember Mr Parr at arkwright school he was a welsh chap , I got ran over by a car on Glebe street and Mr Parr can to my house to see how I was doing ,, he was a lovely man.. well I hope you are all well and happy.. Hope to hear from any of you who remember  me and David.... best wishes

By Philip Hotchkiss
On 09/01/2018

I can remember you Joy , I was in the same class as you with Mick Betts , Geof Thorpe , Ian Beef Raisin , Diane Fergi , Carol Rainbow & Leslie Marshall . Another of our teachers was Mrs Johnson , I think you used to put the kettle on for them at break time ? Can you remember the hand brothers Brian and Clifford I think ?. Brian drowned in London rd canal , so sad around 56-57. I hung around up your street Joy , Melton street with Eddie Wood. I remember Bell family Leslie Bell and Pat Jarvis . We would shout Jamjar jamjar , she chased us. I think if she caught us she would of killed us . I lived on Ryehill Terrace. Well glad to know there’s someone alive from my era !! John Hawley

By John Hawley
On 21/01/2018

I lived at 47 kirk white street from 1958 to 1968ish.   I lived next to a chip shop.   I remember playing on queens drive park, catching the bus on ArKwright street on a Saturday to go to the ABC pictures in town for the kids show.  I too went to Arkwright Street school.   I remember my classmates,   Michael Dwayne, Christopher Peacock, Diane Marshall, Karen Whittington, Paul Smith.   I remember going to the corner shop opposite to get my bag of threpenny mix sweets.   I remember walking to the gardens on the trent embankment where i found a stray dog (there were loads in those days). I bought it all the way home and asked my mum if i could keep it.   She said no, so i had to take it all the way back and "lose it"  . I cried all the way home!.

By Tina Martin
On 08/08/2019

I went to this school in early sixties

Loved it.    My classmates were paul smith, Michael Dwayne, karen whittington, diane marshall, lorna smith and christopher peacock.  I also remember Mr Parr. Loved him.   

By Tina Martin
On 08/08/2019

I remember you Joy, my name is Hilary Davidson nee Hunt, you lived right at the top of Melton Terrace, I lived at Taylor's Cottages, sounds posh but you know it certainly wasn't,  I also remember all those names,and their family,  do you remember Beryl Bobbin and her Polish husband, they ran the small beer off in the street, I remember a Pat Jarvis who always used to knock on our door to swap comics, she was a lot older than us, Mr and Mrs Pratt used to be at the bottom of your terrace, poor woman.and it's only now at this age that we realise her disfigurement  was a stroke, which we then didn't understand,  I do remember Arkwight Street school and Mr Skinner, I then went on to Trent  bridge school for girls,  a lot of memories there too, I could go on forever with all the places and people that I remember,  it would be lovely to hear from any one else who remembers me, hope that you are well Joy

By Hilary Davidson
On 01/10/2019

I lived at number 3 Colsterworth Terrace. Trevor and Winnifred Truelove lived next door at number 1 with their kids, John, Jill, Sharon, Russell and later came Christopher. I remember Elizabeth Holt at the bottom of the terrace. Next to us at number 5 was old Mrs Marshall and her daughter, Mrs Savage and her son Stanley. Then came Mrs Clare and Mrs Toon. After that I remember names but not in order. Mrs Gray, Mrs Reddish and Mr Willoughby and later, somewhere in all that, there was a foreign lady, “Eunice”. I only knew a couple of families living opposite. At Number 2 were “the Kenny’s“, Pat and Paul were the kids names. Mrs Oldknow drove a car through their garden wall one day. I was at Arkwright Primary with George Oldknow, and remember his brother’s, Brian and David. At number 4 were Mr and Mrs Green, no kids as I recall. Christine Smith was my best friend growing up, she lived at number 9 Glebe Street along with her siblings, Dennis,Carol and Roy. Roy was run over by a lorry on Glebe St. when he was 8 and damaged one leg badly. From school I remember Clive McQuinn, Antonio Vitalie and David Lamb. (he could turn his eyelids inside out...Gross!)and finally I remember the Hotchkiss twins. David (dark hair) and Philip (blonde).

By Susan Campbell
On 15/05/2020

What great memories this site brings back, I lived at 2, Pinder House Road, and went to Arkwright school just down the road from around 1960-66. We lived in real poverty, but such happy times. I remember the great Mr Parr, and what an amazing learning experience, even though with only pencils and a bit of paper:) My best friend was Stephen Smith, although we were fighting half the time. I've seen Paul Smith mentioned a few times, maybe it's my memory but I thought my friend was Stephen (perhaps there was one of both!). Another name I recall is Bibi Khan. We used to play for hours on the street, and on Saturdays we would look after parked cars whilst the driver went to the football. I have many memories of that period, most of them good:)

By Philip Gray
On 26/06/2020

We lived at 17 Ryehill Cottages, left in 1973. Mr Parr took a photograph of myself and my 2 brothers on out last day there. Susan, Robert and Paul Machin. Happy memories ??

By Susan Ward
On 28/07/2020

We lived 31 Hartford St behind arcky,  Iris, me, Maureen Pam, Tony. I went there in 1937 till 1945 then on to Trent Bridge Boys till 14 the entrance was off Pinderhouse Road through the gate. On right was the house Mr Revel the caretaker of the school lived in, my main memory of him was he would put wet pants on his fire range to dry after  little accidents, a lovely caring gent all the kids loved him. Next to us lived my mate Roy Wilson on the right, left was Roy and Brian Thorp  

By Grenville Astill
On 28/08/2020

To Susan Campbell. Did you have blonde hair and did you drive a Mintex van?

Fond memories

By Philip Hotchkiss
On 14/09/2020

I remember many of the names on this article about Arkwright juniorsI was there till1963. with Rosemary Lawrences group. Also Mr D Smallwood along with Barry and Bernard mum and Dad from Sutton Street. Have very fond memories of all those days.

By Robert Cole
On 06/01/2021

In reply to Rosanna Vitale, I think you may have your house numbers mixed up. I lived at the corner shop you spoke about and it was No 52A I lived there with my parents and sitter form 1950 to 1954. we moved there from Derbyshire my dad was a collier, they fancied a change so bought the shop as a project. Our next door neighbor was the chip shop and at that time was owned by Mr Albert Hallam and his wife, they had a baby whilst we lived there and called her Sheila I believe they moved to Scotland when Albert died. I went to Arkwright school from 1950 to 1953 when I moved up to Trent Bridge Boys school. I have many fond memories of that school and Trent Bridge. Getting back to Kirk white street lots of names spring to mind Pete Truman, David Revel, Michael Tootin and his sister Brenda, then around to Hartford street, Michael Thorpe, Kenny King, David Plum and John Whiting. to name but a few.  A crowd of us would climb on a No 43 trolley bus every Saturday morning and head for the ice stadium. them was the days we had no electronic gadgets we made our own fun. Going back to Arkwright school, does anyone remember the earth quake at school about 52-53 it has always stuck in my memory, as a kid it was scary.  Does anyone have any photographs of our shop and the chip shop next door any of the surrouding areas  Opposit the shop was Rexals drug company.  I would love to see any photos and if anyone remembers me please get in touch I would love to here from you,  After selling it to Sam Turner we moved  to West Bridgford then to Long Eaton were I got married and moved to Lincolnshire up to present day.  I hope I've not bored you to much and finds this of some interest;

By John Clarke
On 18/01/2021

To Philip Hotchkiss, yes! That was me.

By Susan Campbell
On 23/07/2021

Myself and my sister both went to the infants and juniors until we moved to Bakersfield in December 1962, and carried on school at St Edwards on Gordon Rd in St Anns, Pinders House Rd which ran all the way at the back from Kirkwright St past Waterway St onto Crocus St, we live at No.6 Pinders House Rd a few doors down on the left from Waterway St.

By Michael Cap
On 01/03/2022

We lived at 23 St Saviours St , i started school there , i remember David Lamb, his sister was my sister Jane's friend , My Brother Michael and another sister, Stella were there as well before we moved to WB in '65. 


By john dwane
On 02/02/2023


Thankyou firstly to everyone sharing their comments. I'm George Oldknow's daughter. My grandma was Dorothy -the one who drove a car through the wall, and my uncles were David and Brian. I'm sorry to say that Brian passed around 6 years ago. Followed by my beloved father George who passed on 21st Feb 2019. David then passed 3 years ago.

I'm hoping anyone might have old photos that may have my father as a child / teenager. We had a huge fire and lost everything. I found Photos of my mum Gwyneth through Facebook. If not that's okay, it would be lovely if you wish to share stories of my father and family. Please contact me via the site administrator or the email address: 

By Elspeth Oldknow
On 21/02/2023

Just come across this page…grand daughter wanted to know what my old school was…I went to school with David oldknow…sorry he’s gone now….we lived at 27 Bertram street……remember mr skinner at school…lovely man and remember I bought him a bit of something when he retired???….think it was something for his pipe…..still see a few from school there…saw Johnny Pearson at weekend….

By Linda perkins...nee tunaley
On 02/06/2023

Here you can see a picture of the fantastic teacher Mr. Parr and his pupils, I am one of the students here. I keep this picture framed on my wall. This website brings back such good memories as its been a long time, I'm glad I came across this page to share my thoughts. 

By Raymond Benjamin
On 07/09/2023

Went to this school in 1949/50 before moving to bilborough from arkwright st next to redgates soft drinks.

By John slater
On 11/12/2023

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