Bosworth Road Infant and Junior School, The Meadows

Photo:Bosworth Road School 1973

Bosworth Road School 1973

Bosworth Road Infants and Junior School was at the junction of Bosworth Road and Hawthorne Street in The Meadows.

It was demolished in 1976.

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I started at Bosworth Road School in January 1943. At break time on the first day I went home, we only lived near the bottom of Hawthorn Street and my mother had to take me back - I didn't know you had to stay there till lunch time!

By Maureen
On 24/03/2012

Does anyone else have a set of Arthur Mee's 'Encyclopaedias for little children'? I think my mother bought them through Bosworth School. I still have the full set of 10 all in a Bakelite stand. They must be over 65 years old.

By Maureen
On 24/03/2012

You probably started around the same time as me. I'm looking for photographs from approx. 1942-49. I was Mary in the Infants' Nativity Play and also took part in the Quincentenary celebrations. Do you have any, or know of anyone who has?

By Valerie Saunders
On 09/08/2012

Do you remember The Tip? My recollection is that it was very, very close to the school and we used to play there. I wonder what Health & Safety would say about that now .....?! Valerie Saunders

By Valerie Petef
On 29/11/2012

Hi Val

Can you give me a call on 01159###### My brother is Ernie Dawson  He has the photo your looking for

Regards Peter  

By Peter Dawson
On 15/04/2015

Hello Peter - thought I'd look on the site again and was delighted to see your comment that Ernest still has the photographs.  Unfortunately I can't call you as the number has been crossed out - probably as a security measure.   I think if I were to put my email address that too would be crossed out.   How can I contact you .......?? 

Valerie Petef (Saunders)

By Valerie Saunders
On 15/09/2015

Not heard from you yet, Peter, even though I only live at Tollerton! I'm wondering if it is possible for you to put the particular photograph in question, as well as any others you might have, of our contemporaries, or events at the school, on this site, and also the second Bosworth Junior site on the right-hand side at the top of this page.  I am also on Facebook, if that helps.

I am hoping that the Administrators of this site can help us to make contact with each other, particularly as we are now in our 70s (I shall be 77 too this year), and time is marching on ........ 

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Valerie Saunders (Petef)

By Valerie Petef
On 23/09/2015

Edwina Allen was Harrison lived on kings meadow r in the 50s and 60s went to bosworth rd and then Deering over halfpenny bridge my auntie lived just down the rd from us and Harry the Barber lived across the rd know a few names on here my nick name was Teddy

By Edwina Allen
On 02/01/2019

I went to Bosworth road infants and juniors 1954-1964 and then Cottesmore lenton

By ann wood nee waring
On 17/12/2019

When did Bosworth school get (United?) Closed down? 

By Thelma huthwaite
On 28/07/2020

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