The Stocks at Mansfield Woodhouse

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Photo:Fox in stocks with non-Quaker company

Fox in stocks with non-Quaker company

Cruel Usage of a pioneer of Quakerism

In Volume One of the Autobiography of the noted 17th century Quaker, George Fox, there is the following account of the STOCKS at Mansfield Woodhouse:-

"Now while I was at Mansfield-Woodhouse, I was moved to go to the steeplehouse there, and declare the truth to the priest and people; but the people fell upon me in great rage, struck me down, and almost stifled and smothered me; and I was cruelly beaten and bruised by them with their hands, and with Bibles and sticks.

"Then they haled me out, though I was hardly able to stand, and put me into the stocks, where I sat some hours; and they brought dog-whips and horse-whips, threatening to whip me.

"After some time they had me before the magistrate, at a knight's house, where were many great persons; who, seeing how evilly I had been used, after much threatening, set me at liberty. But the rude people stoned me out of the town, for preaching the Word of life to them.

"I was scarcely able to move or stand by reason of the ill usage I had received; yet with considerable effort I got about a mile from the town, and then I met with some people who gave me something to comfort me, because I was inwardly bruised; but the Lord's power soon healed me again. That day some people were convinced of the Lord's truth, and turned to His teaching, at which I rejoiced".

From PENNEY, Norman (ed.) The Journal of George Fox (CUP, 1911) pp.45 - 46.


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