Stapleford cross

"A very rare relic of its kind"

By Alice Cave

The old cross now standing in Stapleford churchyard has been moved at least twice since it was made, perhaps over a thousand years ago.   It was once situated in the middle of the road (in the days when traffic was less of an issue!).

Photo:The Old Cross, Church Lane / Church Street

The Old Cross, Church Lane / Church Street

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William Stretton in the Stretton Manuscripts comments, "There was formerly standing in the usual place in this churchyard a lofty Runic or Danish cross, which was taken down by some wise churchwarden in the beginning of the last century [1700s] and placed upon a flight of steps in the town street, near the entrance into the churchyard, where it stands to this day.  It is most beautifully and elaborately ornamented with Runic knots in every device that fancy could conceive, and is a very rare relic of its kind.  It is much to be hoped that some more wise churchwarden may one day or other restore it to its original site in the churchyard, and remove the stigma from those who first laid their sacreligious hands on it."

Since he wrote those words, the cross has been removed from the street and replaced back in the churchyard.  More recently, the ball of stone, seen on its top in some of the earlier pictures, has been replaced.

Further information about the Cross can be found on the Stapleford website.

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