Stories for my Granddad

Kelso Terrace, Trent Bridge School, Queens Walk School, Rail Industry, Pubs

By Hannah Coughlan

Hi all. 

 I'll get straight to the point. My granddad and I often talk about how life was in the 40's and 50's. The other day we got talking about which schools he went to, who his teachers were etc etc. And I told him I would post something on here to see if anyone remembers him and his parents or brother.

 My granddad's name is Raymond Arthur Nichols and was born on 17 Nov 1941. His brother was Trevor J Nichols and was born in '44. Their parents were Elsie Nichols (Bowser) and Arthur Nichols, they all lived on Kelso Terrace. My granddad said that he attended Queens Walk Infants School (I think as he said that's the school he went to first), then he moved on to Trent Bridge Boys School which he has very fond memories of. Our family were very involved in the rail industry too.

 Below is a picture of my granddad when he married my grandma in 1966. I have got a picture of him as a young boy but can't put it up at the moment. They brought a house on The Downs,  Silverdale in 1969 and went on to have my mum Debbie (Deborah) in '70 and Mark (Jason) in '74. I spent the first 8 years of my life living at my granddads house with my mum.

 I would love to hear if anyone can remember them, especially Ray as I know he would too. 

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