Thrumpton Hall

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Thrumpton Hall' page
See JACKS, Leonard The Great houses of Nottinghamshire and the County Families  (Nottingham: W & A S Bradshaw, 1881) p.144

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Suggestion received via Twitter:  Is this Thrumpton Hall?

By Website administrator
On 18/01/2017

An image search on Google confirms that this is Thrumpton Hall. The chimney stacks on the left of the photo are a good identifier.

By David Holt
On 24/01/2017

Many thanks for the identification, David. Very Much appreciated.  We'll now move it out of the 'Mystery Photos' section and into the Thrumpton section of OurNottinghamshire.  Thanks again

By Website Administrator
On 24/01/2017

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