A Parcel from Miss Whitby

By Bengt Herrman

I read with great interest the articles about Miss Whitby. I collect postcards etc from the Great War and looked through my collection because I thought I remembered seeing the name Whitby somewhere. And there it was! A confirmation card from Private P Fletcher from the Sherwood Foresters (at the Göttingen POW Camp) to Miss Whitby having received his parcel in October 1918. The information about miss Whitby provided on this site gives my card a new meaning and I will treasure it. Thank you. Regards Bengt Herrman in Gothenburg, Sweden

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'A Parcel from Miss Whitby' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'A Parcel from Miss Whitby' page
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Comforts for Troops

          Many thanks for taking the trouble to write the above article. When I wrote my original article it was caused by my curiosity to discover more about Miss B. Whitby and about her work on the Nottingham Comforts for Troops Committee. It was earlier in the summer whilst in Newark that I spoke about her to the website administrator Tim warner. He encouraged me to write the article and see if it would create any interest: and I am pleased to see that it certainly has.

          There are two other articles on this site;

           the first is a wonderful article by her grandson Dr Tim Caulton, which is very comprehensive about her work and life, and,

the second article is News Papers of the time. The cuttings show the high regard and appreciation of her and the Committee by British Soldiers.

  The articles confirm what a hard working individual and character she must have been on the Comforts for Troops Committee during WW1.

           I am amazed and pleased that someone from Sweden has shown an interest in the articles about Miss B Whitby and supplied more information.

          So a big thanks to you. Also to both Tim’s for producing the articles of Beatrice’s achievements, enabling all to see on the internet.

          John Pownall.


By John Pownall
On 04/10/2016

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