Bosworth road school, Nottingham

By Lyn Dickenson

My name was Lyn Dickenson, I went to Bosworth road school between 1950 and 1955. From here I went to deering school. I lived in the meadows, 3 Bosworth road, my sisters were Pam and Audrey. Pam got married and was Tooby she had 5 children- Paul, Jackie, Patrick, Marie and Kevin. Unfortunately Marie died at the age of 3 due to a car accident on Wilfred road. Since then Kevin has died, he lived near the Humber bridge. Jackie died on New year's Day of last year. I met with Patrick and Paul at Jackie's funeral at Wilfred hill. I now live in the Scottish borders with my family.

Life in the meadows was full of life and laughter. I can remember Miss Gamble, she had a habit of throwing the blackboard rubber at you in class. Also remember Billy Green, Peter Sparks, Carol Hall, Linda Hardy, Jean hancock, Hilda Herrard and many, many others. Also remember Clara and Ben at the fish shop in briers street and Annie Keeling at the off lisence on Bosworth road. This place holds so many memories, both happy and sad but I would never change a thing.

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