Cossall - Early evidence of coal-mining

Arthur Stapleton, in his An Historical Sketch of the Caves of Old Nottingham and The Nottinghamshire Coalfield: some notes regarding its ancient history (1904) records the following:-

26th June, 1348: Transfer of the moiety of a mine at Cossal when William de Smalley conveyed to Richard Stotur of Nottingham, "that half part of a mine of sea cols and culms (ie anthracite shale), with appurtenances, in the town and in the fields of Cossall, which Henry, son of Peter de Cossall, had of the gift and feoffment of Henry, son of Richard de Cossall etc"

Allusion is also made to the local colliers of the period, viz "Robert Plomer, of Cossall, John Shepherd of the same, and other workers of the said mine".

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