Gonalston Hall

Remodelled in 1851-52 by the Nottingham architect T. C. Hine

Photo:Gonalston Hall in the early 20th century

Gonalston Hall in the early 20th century


Fiona McLaughlin has been in touch with OurNottinghamshire about two watercolour paintings she has of Gonalston Hall, dating from the 1950s.  They were painted by her grandfather and are reproduced below:-

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Gonalston Hall' page

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Gonalston Hall' page

The two watercolours above of Gonalston Hall were sent in by Fiona McLaughlin, and painted by her grandfather, Herbert (Bert) Goodliffe of Nottingham,  in the 1950s.  Here's what she says:-

 Herbert Goodliffe was born January 1900 and died July 1958. He lived in Nottingham all his life and married his childhood sweetheart, Florence Bates, whose father was a trader on Nottingham market. Bert and Florence lived on Barden Road, Mapperley, for a number of years. Bert was a barber and had a salon on Woodborough Road. Bert loved painting, the earliest piece I have is dated 1918, and must have been done either on his way to, or on his return from France. He was injured in the war and was hospitalised back here. I have letters from that time. His family were also musicians, guess that's how my Nana met because she was a music teacher. From around 1938 Bert started landscape painting, and had pictures displayed in the Art Gallery in Nottingham. He used to drive around the countryside and set up to paint or sketch.


Photo:Theatricals at Gonalston Hall, 7th July 1908

Theatricals at Gonalston Hall, 7th July 1908

Photo:Sales catalogue, 1952

Sales catalogue, 1952

Southwell Library

Photo:Gonalston Hall at the time of sale, 1952

Gonalston Hall at the time of sale, 1952

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I have 2 watercolours of Gonalston Hall, painted by my grandfather, Herbert Goodliffe, circa 1955. If you email me I can send you photos.




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