Linby Crosses & Maypole

Photo:Bottom Cross, Linby, drawn in c.1900

Bottom Cross, Linby, drawn in c.1900

Photo:Top Cross with Maypole still in place behind

Top Cross with Maypole still in place behind

Date: pre 1910

Photo:Top Cross, Linby, in 1947

Top Cross, Linby, in 1947

Is that a maypole still in place behind the cross?

The top and bottom of the village are marked each by a cross, mounted on steps.

That at the lower end of the street - 'Bottom Cross' - is restored and marks a spring, and may be one of the Sherwood Forest boundary markers.

The Top Cross stood at the other end of the village on a seven sided base and was restored in 1869.

The village maypole stood by the Top Cross  and is visible in the old photograph included here.  This maypole had been removed, however, by the time Everard Guilford described the village in 1910*

In recent years a new permanent pole has been erected in Linby, although unfortunately not in its traditional position next to the Top cross.  The new cross is painted white, and only around a quarter of the height of the original.


 *From GUILFORD, Everard L. Nottinghamshire (London: Methuen & Co., 1910) p.112




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