Local Ice Sports champions & Nottingham Ice Stadium

Photo:Ice Stadium Nottingham 1995

Ice Stadium Nottingham 1995


Having one of Britain’s best known Ice Stadiums, Nottingham has had a long association with ice sports and has been the training ground for many of the field's leading sportsmen and women – including several Olympic champions.


Below is a list of some of those champions   


Speed skating:

Norman Holwell  Nottingham Ice Speed Club member and British Indoor mile and half-mile ice speed champion, 1952 Winter Olympics Oslo.  

Jack Whelbourne a leading British speed skater, currently appearing at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.  


Pair Skating:

Rodney Ward (with Carolyn Krau)    1956 Olympics, European Championships (Paris) and World Championships (Garmisch)


Ice dancing:

Susan Jackson                 1984 Winter Olympics

Andrew Clough Naylor    1988 Winter Olympics

Jason Briggs                    1992 Winter Olympics  

Penny Coomes  & Nicholas Buckland      

                                        2010 Winter Olympics

Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean

                                       British Ice Dance Champions 1978-1983 and 1994

                                       European Ice Dance Champions 1981,1982,1984 and 1994

                                       World Ice Dance Champions 1981-84

                                       Olympic Ice Dance Champions 1984

                                       Olympic Ice Dance Bronze Medallists 1994

                                       World Professional Ice Dance Champions 1984, 1985, 1990, 1995

                                       and 1996.



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I was not an ice dancer.  I was a pair skater in the 1956Olympucs with Carolyn Krau.

By Rodney Watc
On 14/09/2020

as well as the 1956 Winter Olympics, I also represented a Great Britain in PAIR SKATING with Carolyn Krau in the European ChampionshipS (Paris)  & the World championships (Garmish).  I would appreciate you correcting the above.

i have worked & lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada since 1969.

By Rodney Ward
On 15/09/2020

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