A Henley Motor Cycle at Elston

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The picture shows Mr Ernest Crawford - a resident of Elston and employee of Gash's buses - on his Henley motorcycle (as identified on the fuel tank), c.1926.

Henley motorcycles were manufactured between 1922 and 1927 by the Henley Engineering Company of Birmingham.

In 1928 the company changed ownership, and the name was changed to New Henley.

Henley motorcycles were of a standard design, built up from bought-in components, and were available with engines by Villiers, Blackburne and JAP.

The registration letters on this machine - FA - identify it as being registered in Burton-on-Trent.  Details covering FA registrations from 1904 to 1922 are available at Burton-on-Trent Library.  Other years do not survive.

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