Mystery photograph

Can you identify the mystery street?

By Ralph Lloyd-Jones

This mysterious picture was recently found at Beeston Library in Nottingham, though it may have originated from West Bridgford Library. None of the librarians can identify the street, which we think may not even be in Nottinghamshire. Do you know the place? The car suggests that this picture must have been taken between 1910 and 1940. It was obviously summer and early one morning with nobody about yet. Perhaps someone will recognise the distinctive chimneys and handsome buildings which are unlikely to have changed much in the last hundred years.

Photo:Wherever can it be?

Wherever can it be?

This page was added by Ralph Lloyd-Jones on 23/09/2016.
Comments about this page

It has been suggested that it might be Ashbourne in Derbyshire (Church Street?), but this cannot be confirmed by reference to sites like Picture the Past. If anybody knows Ashbourne well, please get in touch!

By Ralph Lloyd-Jones
On 01/02/2017

I am now thinking it might be Stamford in Lincolnshire... Can anybody confirm/deny this theory?

By Ralph Lloyd-Jones
On 13/06/2017

I think it is Stamford in lincs just above the George hotel

By David Smallwood
On 02/11/2017

Thank you very much David, that now seems most likely. Not quite sure how it got to Beeston: possibly part of the collection of a local photographer. It is a very nice picture; a pity it's not in our county!

By Ralph Lloyd-Jones
On 08/11/2017

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