TFN - Newark in the First World War

Plan for a class project

Holy Trinity Primary School, Newark - Oct 2014

Session 1 - Walk Around Newark

The children were conducted on a walk around Newark to look at building which were (and were not) 100 (or more) years old.  The idea is to instill the idea of what would have been in the town 100 years ago when the First Worl War started, and to convey that the built environment is not static, but changing all the time as old buildings are demilished a new ones erected.

On their walk the children completed a worksheet as follows

'Remembering 100 Years Ago' - Trip to Newark

 Building or StreetWas this building here 100 years ago?Reasons for your answer
1Medical Centre  
2Castle Brewery  
3Robin Hood Hotel  
4Multi-storey car park  
5Asda, Bus Station  
6Bowling & Atrium  
7Cottages on Castlegate  
8Corn Exchange  
10Boar Lane  
13Chain Lane  
14Town Hall  
16Nottingham Building Society  
  And what about the Parish church? 

 Session 2 - Visit to Newark Library

The class then visited Newark Library where the following resources (and their attendant learning outcomes) are listed below

(A) Photos of the buildings in the above table as they appeared 100 years ago

(B) Large Scale maps of Newark from 1900, 1920 and today so that changes in certain aspects of the town may be traced

(c) Photographs relating to Newark during the  First World War

(D) Biographical details and photographs of three Newark soldiers

(E) Printed examples of of the Newark Great War Bulletin as available on this website at the following link

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