Newton Airfield

Photo:RAF Newton Oxford AT480

RAF Newton Oxford AT480

Newark Air Museum Archive

Photo:RAF Newton Chipmunks

RAF Newton Chipmunks

Newark Air Museum Archive

Photo:RAF Newton Vulcan XA908

RAF Newton Vulcan XA908

Newark Air Museum Archive

Photo:RAF Newton Control Tower

RAF Newton Control Tower

Howard Heeley

By Howard Heeley

Grid Ref: Sheet 121; SK670410; 7 miles E of Nottingham

Opened: July 1940

Squadrons: 103 Sqn: 150 Sqn; 16 (Polish) SFTS; 1524 BAT Flt; 93 MU; 12 Group Comms Flt; Nottingham UAS; 9 SOTT; East Midlands UAS; ATC; 644 Gliding School.

Aircraft: Battle; Wellington; Oxford; Tiger Moth; Magister; Anson; Harvard; Chipmunk; Bulldog; assorted gliders

Nationalities: Commonwealth; Polish

Things of note: Established during the expansion period and having retained grass runways throughout its use; in some sources is reported as being “the largest grass airfield in the East Midlands”. It once housed the RAF's Missile Collection, including the Blue Steel nuclear missile that is now displayed at Newark Air Museum. Used as a location for filming many TV programmes after its closure in March 2001, including 'Robot Wars'.

Current status: Many of the original buildings survive for a variety of industrial uses and some of the accommodation quarters are privately owned. Housing developments have taken over some parts of the site and fund raising is underway to raise a memorial to the former personnel that served at the station.

(This information was originally published in the 2011 booklet “Aviation in Nottinghamshire”, which was produced by the Newark Air Museum thanks to a Local Improvement Scheme grant from the Nottinghamshire County Council. Photographs sourced from the Newark Air Museum Archive.)

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My dad used to take me to the air displays at RAF Newton in the 1950s and particularly remember first world war aircraft flying on these occasions, there was once an Avro 504, SE5 and various others, but when you think about it these aircraft were only 40 or 50 years old in the 1950s, not as old as the WW2 aircraft we see at displays today. Midland General Omnibus Co. ran a special bus for the occasion I rather think it started from Mansfield Market using an AEC half cab single decker probably late 1940s or early 50s vintage which struggled to climb the hill from Gunthorpe Bridge up to East Bridgeford, happy days. Just thinking about makes me feel quite ancient!  


By P.Bowler
On 30/11/2014

I served here from 1982 until 1989 firstly with the RAF Police Dog Demonstration Team then with P&SS (NR) as a Firearms and Explosives Search Dog Handler. Many fond memories of the place having also visited on Reteams from 1978 onwards. Newton was the RAF Police School and Dog School from 1974 until the unit closed.

By Nigel Bean
On 25/03/2015

I remember one of your team being on BBC Radio Nottingham in the 70s on the Dennis McCarthy show. I was very impressed by the different accounts of dog searches by your team.

By Tom Shead
On 26/03/2015

I was stationed here, in Air Traffic Control, from Dec 80 - February 82. Best tour of my twelve year engagement.

By David Windebank
On 30/09/2020

RAF Newton had also a Farm (RAF Newton Station Farm) It supplied produce to all the RAF stations across the midlands 60s - 80s and was the last M.O.D. run farm in the UK. Eventually closed. 30 years of amazing memories seeing the police dog school built, Hangars turned into hotels for the police during the coal miners strike, chipmunk and bulldog aircraft, customs & excise. armed police (rifle range), Greenpeace failed invasion of the base, The arrival of the USA dog handlers that looked like male models with all the latest gear, (fur lined bomber jackets) while our kit not so good. This was a great base, sadly missed.

By The Farmer
On 23/07/2021

My mother was an RT operator at RAF Newton during WW11.  The WAAFs used to take their laundry to the farm to be done, so she told me.

By D Hibbert
On 01/02/2022

I see mention of the station farm! I used to work there as a field hand back in 1975 to 1979 when it was run by Brian Woolley and his eldest son Dale. (They later moved to north Scotland). My dad was an instructor at the police training school, Sqn Ldr Brian Hoar). We grew most of the spuds distributed to Cottesmore, Cranfield, Waddington etc. Later was part of the SWO's gang at Newton before shifting to Syerston. Spent a lot of my free time in the Fosse club with the lads and lasses from the MT section, Big Geordie (Harrison), Tim Waudby, Steve Scales and Kimberley Jones. Does anyone remember Yorkie Barker? Snowy/Chalky White (killed on the road outside the officers quarters while catching a Gash bus into Nottingham. Great times but now sad to see how the old place declined.

By Nigel Hoar
On 08/04/2022

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