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Photo:Advert from The Nottingham Daily Express, 30th March 1907

Advert from The Nottingham Daily Express, 30th March 1907

The company was established in 1891 by Robert Cripps

Biography: Robert Cripps (1863 - 1925)

  • A noted racing cyclist
  • A member of the Nottingham Bicycle Club
  • A Freemason (Thoresby Lodge)
  • A Member of Nottingham City Council in 1919

Robert Cripps died in July 1925 aged 67 whilst on a golfing holiday in Skegness (Nottingham Guardian 13th July 1925)

Company History

  • 1891 company founded
  • 1894 Trade directories record R. Cripps as a bicycle machinist at 26 William Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham
  • A partnership with Thomas Humber (of bicycle and motor car fame) in Beeston, when Cripps is described as "of Humber, Cripps & Goddard".  For notes on the 'Humber Cripper' racing bike - named after Cripps - click HERE
  • 1897 Cripps listed as a cycle manufacturer with premises at 273 Arkwright Street, Nottingham, with a residential address at 26 Millicent Street West Bridgford
  • 1903 A Cripps-made motorcycle is amongst the first tranche of motor vehicles registered in Nottinghamshire (See below)
  • 1907 Business still located at Arkwright Street (See advert)
  • 1910 Business premises move to 31-61 Lower Parliament Street in Nottingham.  Aslo became involved in the motor car business as a retailer
  • 1965 Business remained at Lower Parliament Street until 1965


Charles Henry Sewell of 20 Hound Road, West Bridgford:- 2 1/2hp Cripps motorcycle weighing 112lbs licensed for private use.

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The West Bridgford address for R. Cripps would be Millicent Road. There are in fact no streets in West Bridgord - only Roads, Groves, Boulevards etc etc. The original sellers of the land would not allow the word "Street".

By Brian Binns
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The company Humber, Cripps and Goddard was set up not by Thomas Humber but by his son William Francis Humber,. Thomas Humber had sold his business in 1887 which was amalgamated with other bicycle manufacturers from Coventry and Wolverhampton. He was retained on a five year contract to oversee the merger and retired in 1892. He moved to Kingston on Thames where he lived with his mistress - his former secretary. 

By Brian Binns
On 28/09/2021

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