Sconce Hills Secondary School, Newark


The picture below show Staff and Prefects at Sconce Hills Secondary School in Newark in 1963 - 64.

Are you in the picture, or can you name any of the people?

Did you attend the school, and if so, what are your memories.

Please leave your memories via the 'Comments' link below.


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I am sat on the front row, right hand side.  Other people in the photo are Philip Goy, Jane Scofield, Mervyn Squires, the late Susan Bugg, Maurice ?

By Angela Walsh
On 07/02/2017

Many thanks for the identification, Angela.  You mention other people in the photo.  Are you able to locate them for use eg back row 3rd from left etc - so we can put names to faces.  Any help would be much appreciated.

By Website Administrator
On 09/02/2017

Hi. I showed my mum this knowing she went to sconce hills. I thought I recognised her in the picture. She confirmed that her and her twin sister are in the photo. Jane and Patricia Dunbabin

By Gemma
On 14/02/2017

As far as I can remember: 

Philip Goy is sat next to me on the front row, 3rd from right.

Irene Schofield, not Jane, is on the front row,  2nd from left.

Mervyn Squires, back row, 3rd from left.

Susan Bugg, middle row,  2nd from left.

Maurice Thurman, middle row, 4th from right.

By Angela Walsh
On 28/02/2017

I was in class 4c and was known for my running in sports, fastest in the school, the fourth person from the right looks like the woodwork teacher, not sure if it were mr wood or mr lee. can never understand why they had to pull down such a brilliant school.

By vernon curtis
On 12/05/2017

Middle row 3rd from right Raymond Atkins.
Front row 4th from right Mr Lee(Woodwork).

Hi Angela and Vernon. Best wishes to your Mum Gemma.

Maurice Thurman

By Maurice Thurman
On 04/07/2017

I went to Sconce Hills School 1955 to 1959 ... I was in the school choir .. Miss Tipular? was the music teacher at that time ...I remember ..Ann Short, Elsie & Edna Jones, Tony Severs among other's ... I know we had quite a few Pictures taken  but my parents didn't buy them ... I loved going to this school and was very sorry to find it had been pulled down. 

By Janice Widdowson (Richards)
On 05/10/2017

My father Len Martin was Deputy Head for a short time in 1963-64 before passing away unexpectedly. 

By Stephen Martin
On 24/12/2017

Back Row 2nd left - Charlie Watson

Middle Row - L-R. First person, David Walker ?,  fifth from left - Christopher Robb? End of line, Joe Clarke?

Front Row L-R - Patricia Collar, Irene Schofield, Andrew Locke? End of line, Peter Shimeld?

By Barry Priestley
On 24/01/2018

Andrew Locke front row 3rd left

christopher robb middle row 5th lefti

hazel ward back row 1st left

charlie watson back row 2nd left

By Philip
On 24/01/2018

phil Goy’s best mate david walker middle roe 1st left who sadly died 17 years ago

peter lane middle roe far left

dunbabin rwins back and middle row

By Philip Goy
On 24/01/2018

Rethink on end of middle Row, right.......? Lane?

By Barry Priestley
On 24/01/2018

i am sure it’s peter lane

By Philip Goy
On 24/01/2018

Back Row end - Right, Could be Diane Coupland.

Back Row, next to Charlie Watson is Mervin Squires.

By Barry Priestley
On 26/02/2018

I attended the School between 1952 - 1956 and have a class photograph taken circa 1955 The photo on this page was taken around the time I left school. I remember Mr Lee the woodwork teacher (we nicknamed him Tash Lee). I Think it is Mr Bond, the headmaster who is sitting next to him. 

By Terry Pepper
On 18/04/2018

Went to That school between 1958 and 1963. Remember Mr Lee and Mr Wood who was scary, but no one has mentioned the most inspirational teacher at that school at the time Mrs Williams who was our final Year form teacher . Have very fond memories of Sconce Hills School and the  school meals . 


By Jon rolt
On 14/05/2019

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