The Centre Tree

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Centre Tree' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Centre Tree' page
Photo:The Centre Tree, Mansfield, c.1900

The Centre Tree, Mansfield, c.1900


So named as it is reputed to be at the centre of the old forest which spread from Nottingham to Worksop.

The (approximate) location of the Centre Tree in Sherwood Forest is shown on the map below.

In his book The Scenery of Sherwood Forest (1908, p.110), Joseph Rodgers includes the following section on the Centre Tree:-

"At the western extremity of the Broad Drive, and running at right angles with it, is the neutral ground, an avenue composed principally of hollies, dividing the Thoresby and Welbeck estates. 

"It is about 2 miles in length, the ground rising from each extremity to a point at its intersection with the drive, where may be found the Centre Tree, only notable as a landmark.

"It is an oak, about 140 years old, and, compared to its neighbours, a mere stripling".


Another Centre Tree?

In Mansfield there is a second location which lays claim to being the site of the Centre Tree.

On Westgate, a short distance from the market place in Mansfield, there is a plinth bearing a plaque (pictured above) which reads

"The Sherwood Forest Centre Tree

The ancient tree which grew on this site until 1940 was reputed to mark the centre of Sherwood Forest

The present Centre tree was planted to commemorate National Tree Week by Councillor Mrs. Lorna Carter, Chairman of Mansfield District Council, on the 28th November 1988"

The new tree referred to is pictured in our photo just behind the plinth.

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