the owd meddas

By Andrew Charlesworth

Having spent my childhood in the old meadows I feel privileged to have been a part of it ,I have heard of no one 

that lived in the back to back slums that was ashamed of being a meadows kid and most of us would love that

atmosphere and spirit to return into our lives. I went to welbeck juniors and trent bridge seniors and hated school ,but most of the kids were great ,I can think of a million reasons why I loved the meadows and anyone

that lived there could think of a million more, when I see the old photographs of the meadows it just shows me

what a fantastic place and community nottingham lost when it was demolished,it also shows you dont need mansion to be happy.

All you little boggers from the old meadows that are still around keep smiling .

This page was added by Andrew Charlesworth on 25/08/2015.

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