Watson Fothergill

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A Catalogue of the Works of Watson Fothergill

By Darren Turner


Watson Fothergill is the most famous of  Nottingham’s Victorian architects. Other architects of the period were perhaps as  capable, and certainly as prolific if not more so, but none had the distinctiveness of style that defines Fothergill. No other architect of the period put such a distinctive stamp on the architecture of Nottingham

There has been no comprehensive study of Fothergill’s works and, since his death, a wide number of projects have been incorrectly attributed to him and, more worryingly, buildings that are by him but not widely  recognised as such have continued to suffer neglect and even demolition. The latest building to be demolished was lost as recently as 2011.

The aim of this Catalogue of Works is to provide a comprehensive  schedule of all of his works and in doing so to bring together as much information as possible about each project to provide an invaluable  resource. The book is in paperback, 220 pages long, with black-and-white illustrations.

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