Meadows life of old

Photo:Rupert Street The Meadows Coronation Party 1953

Rupert Street The Meadows Coronation Party 1953

Rupert Street and Bosworth Road school

By Andrew Ackroyd

Born at 21 Rupert St the Meadows 1960. Went to Bosworth Rd school great memories great people best years of my life. Dont really remember many of my school friends Paul Musson and Tony and Paul Campbell come to mind. Clifton Bushay was a good friend, had a fantastic football team cricket team. Moved to Clifton when they demolished my beloved old Meadows remember catching 48 bus to school and home. Old Meadows may have gone but not the great memories of a great childhood, thanks Richard and Hilda Ackroyd my parents glad to have met you.

This page was added by Andrew Ackroyd on 25/06/2013.
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It was nice to read Andrews comments I remember all the people you mention and often wonder what's happened to you all. I was born 13 Royston terrace hawthorn street and went to school at bosworth. I moved to Wilford when they demolished my home. I to have wonderfull memories of the meadows. Growing up with my cousins in the next terrace. Greenhalghs one side and Haywoods the other good time and carefree as a child

By Denise rowson nee Dix
On 01/08/2013

I grew up on Kingsmeadow road, went to Bosworth road school and then on to Deering in Wilford. Fond memories of not having to lock your door, neighbours helping each other out. Far cry from today!! I lived next door to the Leepers and the Blackham family. Georges shop was on the corner next to the chippy opposite Salvation Army.

By christine dixon as was
On 28/11/2013

I have bad memories of Bosworth Road school. I got the trap 3 times a day for not getting my sums right. My Maths teacher was Mr h****** ( nubby h*******) His false teeth were always loose causing him to mubble. I used to hate going to school.I was off school for a fortnight once I think that was when the others were taught new sums so obviously I always got them wrong

By Mr C Mallatratt
On 25/01/2014

My friend Wanda Musson lived at 88 Rupert St. Her dad ran the chip shop and had 3 brothers. Derek, Tony and Peter

By Mat
On 26/08/2014

Andrew Ackroyd's piece has brought back some wonderful memories of the old Meadows. In fact Andrew and I were childhood friends....I lived at 19 Rupert door! I also went to Bosworth infants and junior school and then onto Trent Bridge and Roland Green Comprehensive. I fondly remember Richard and Hilda Ackroyd and a load of other great people that were our neighbours. We used play hide and seek, tin can lurkey and dobbie at all hours of the day and night. Life was carefree and safer for kids then. We lived opposite Mr Sneeps shop in the corner of Rupert St and Watt St.

Other names to remember...Edward Needham, Saverio Baldasari,  Godfrey Hibbert, Oliver Wediburn.

We moved to Sneinton in 1975 when our street was finally demolished.

I wouldn't trade those magical and beautiful childhood memories for all the gold in the world.

Issan Ghazni



By Issan Ghazni
On 23/10/2014

I was born at 136 Rupert St (right next to the Gun Factory) lived there with my Grand parents and my mum when she divorced my dad. I think I was nine so 1966 when I lived there. Went to Bosworth Junior school, and later Roland Green. Though we had moved to Clifton when my mum re married.

By Pete Fulham
On 04/03/2015

I grew up in the Meadows and went to Bosworth then Mundella school. I lived on Rupert St  in Moss Terrace. I  Remember Andrew Ackroyd, (think he's on a school picture) Clifton Bushay and Oliver Wedderburn and his brother frankie.

It was a Fantastic community.I Remember lots of children and adults including the older folk. Also clergy from St Georges church who got involved in the community.

Happy days spent on Queens Drive rec and down the embankment. Out in the streets playing all day with friends.

Happy days.



By Bev
On 12/05/2015

I lived in the Meadows on Anmer Terrace off Castleton Street overlooking the Nursery Garden and then the playground of Bosworth Road. I remember the name Andrew Ackroyd and Oliver Wedderburn. I also remember Tony Jackson & Tony Allen. Still have some old football photos some where. Can you remember playing Stoolball at Bosworth? Never came across the game again. Playing football on the park outside the ROF gates and the Youth Club? Great times, great memories.

Stephen Payne

By Stephen Payne
On 30/06/2015

we lived in cary cottages in Hawthorne street near Mary Halams shop,we left there in 1953 and moved over to Calverton,I went to bosseyed Kippers I remember Miss Gamble,a right tyrant too fond of beating you black and blue with the strap,it was a salt of the earth community bonfires in the street,people were poor but looked after each other

By Raymond Goodall
On 03/09/2015

On a whim I typed Bosworth School Nottingham into Google and found this site. There are names here I haven't heard for over forty years. Fantastic. I lived at 8 Moss Terrace, Rupert Street and went to Bosworth and then on to Mundella (one of six I think in 1968). Yes I remember playing those games and hiding out on the railway land, and playing around the coal bunkers when there were steam engines. That rob dog Sneep and Mrs Hill's sweet shop, the apprentice boys lining up at Mrs Akers' chippie getting in the orders, Mr Offiler's news agent shop with it's rack of DC comics and saucy magazines, the parade of men going up to the Gun Factory in the morning and their return at five.

By Ivan Dolynskyj
On 29/10/2015

I lived willersley st and wilford grove ,welbeck and trent bridge the brilliant old meadows,andy charlesworth

By andy charlesworth
On 30/10/2015

Baldasari I remember fernando,some hibberts lived on willersley street,a lot of years back,I would love to walk down arkwright st of old ,look into andy bones cycle shop or perhaps bens book shop,nip into roy or archs sweet shop next to heasons furniture on kirkwhite st, roy and arch later became s and a removals,some good people down the owd meddas.


By andy charlesworth
On 31/10/2015

Mundella trent bridge or roland green

Meddas kids all looking mean

Spoilt kids were hard to find

Dead end kids springs to mind 

United by what they did not have

Except  a tin bath and a outside lav

Back to back run down slum

Clip round the tab hole from ya mum

But most from the meddas would go back

To that sense of belonging,that today we lack

It wasent all pleasure among the rats and mice

But my memories of the meadows will always be nice


By andy charlesworth
On 03/11/2015

Re the comments above, I lived on Colliery Road for a few years and went to Mundella with Ollie Wedderburn and Tony Allen.  I seem to remember that Tony played football for Parkhead back then and Ollie came with us to Newcastle for the FA Cup 6th Round pitch invasion match in 1974, Us being me and Robert Johnson [another Mundellian] and his dad who drove us up there in his Hillman Imp.  the Johnsons were from Birmingham but lived on Pyatt St for a couple of years before heading back to Brum.  Happy Days!

By Tim Peck
On 07/03/2016

I lived on Wilford road, though my mates lived all over meadows. Richard Sims, Alan white, Malcolm devlin, Peter sparks, Wilf voces

By dave martin
On 10/03/2016

The photo of the street party at Rupert Street. The lady with the cardigan is My friend Richards man, Mrs Sims, I also recognise Arthur Sims and what looks like Diana Sims, it looks like the whole of the family are there. They all lived at number 69 Rupert Street

By Dave Martin
On 14/03/2016


On 29/03/2016

I lived at number 3 Bosworth road, I went to Bosworth school, happy times.

By P Tooby
On 12/04/2016

I was born at 167 Rupert street. I went to bosworth road school and then onto deering (Roland green) I recall Derek & Ray blue who's dad was caretaker at bosworth. Others I knew were Dave & Margaret cutts, John King, the scrimshaw so, the betteridge family (John robert & Katy), the jenssons, tony cross who,lived at the corner (bottom end) Alan fisher who's dad owned the chippy. My great friend Mike Waldram (deceasd) who dies tragically at the age of 18. There was also Derek littlewood whi was good football and cricket player. Graham sharrot, val watts, cal grey, the boardman. Bentleys hait dressers but can't remember the name of the paper shop where I had paper round. The magna chart, the locomotive pubs. Yes good

By John Marsden
On 29/04/2016

I lived at 11 Seaton Terrace  on Goodhead St.

Went to Bosworth Road and Roland Green as did my brother Paul.

Great memories can remember the Guys.Pyketts. Trev Rood.

By Cliff Bullivant
On 15/06/2016

i went down the meadows today 28th June 2016 after leaving here 42 years ago and was just able to fathom out where our house was on queens drive . What a change beautiful Nottingham . I'm sure there's plenty memories out there and people I went to school with . 

My name was summers at the time I went to welbeck Jr. School  Trent bridge for a short while and then Roland green . 


By Susan Parris ne summers
On 01/07/2016

I lived in Rupert St, in the mid 60's The last house before the Gun Factory. With my Grandmother, Grandfather and Mum (Divorced). Henry and Annie Watts, Mum Jo, Aunt Val Watts. Went to Bosworth Junior and then Roland Green. My friend Pete Akers lived at the chippie and I used to sometimes help preparing the chips lol. My mum met someone and married again, we moved to St Annes and then Clifton, Farnborough Rd, near the Winning Post. Mum still lives there. I got married and moved to Hinckley working for the Gas in IT. Been here 38years and had 4 children (1 killed in the Egypt bombings in 2005). Now retired and wondering how I ever managed to find time to work.

By Peter Fulham
On 08/07/2016

I lived in Rupert St, in the mid 60's The last house before the Gun Factory. With my Grandmother, Grandfather and Mum (Divorced). Henry and Annie Watts, Mum Jo, Aunt Val Watts. Went to Bosworth Junior and then Roland Green. My friend Pete Akers lived at the chippie and I used to sometimes help preparing the chips lol. My mum met someone and married again, we moved to St Annes and then Clifton, Farnborough Rd, near the Winning Post. Mum still lives there. I got married and moved to Hinckley working for the Gas in IT. Been here 38years and had 4 children (1 killed in the Egypt bombings in 2005). Now retired and wondering how I ever managed to find time to work.

By Peter Fulham
On 12/07/2016

I forgot to say that I was also born that house, though my parents moved to Keyworth as dad worked down the pit.

By Peter Fulham
On 12/07/2016

Interestingly, I live in the borough of Hinckley and Bosworth lol.

By Peter Fulham
On 12/07/2016

One of my first jobs was at Blacknell Motorbikes on Arkwright Street was cleaning their bikes in a run down storage building.  They had two sales showrooms on Arkwright Street; of course, those were the days when Britain dominated the world of motorbikes.

Being the "lad" I also fetched gourmet delights from the "Tinpot Cafe" for the mechanics.  I do miss some of those Nottingham industrial smells - you could tell which part of town you were in by the type of smell in the air.  Not much left from the 1960's.


By John Blacknell
On 01/08/2016

I lived on queens drive and middle furlong road I went to Roland Greene 67 my name back then was Moira Billson I was in Mr reads glass.

By Moira Richards
On 01/08/2016

I remember Bosworth road school went there in 1952 hated every minute of it teachers too fond of beatings I too remember Allen white Richard Sims Peter sparks and lots others too many to mention. Also went to deleting school I loved in Essex street loved the life in those days hide and seek stealing other streets bonfire rubbish on bonfire night knock and run what a life then realised girls existed hay ho.

By Peter makin
On 21/12/2016

Great to read these comments,I remember there names,it's strange how get pleasure from past memories,I suppose we are trying to cling on to our past memories and in our minds we are reliving the past,and it's always good memories,I hope I can find this site again,Brian Staples.

By Brianstaples
On 04/01/2017

I see Clifford Bullivant,is. Still knocking about,pulled him out of Portland swimming baths,almost drowned. I'm on face book if you'd like a chat.Brian Staples.

By Brianstaples
On 04/01/2017

John Blackwell, do you remember Barry Bass

By Brianstaples
On 17/01/2017

Hi went to welbeck junior school then on to roland green till 1968 great memories.

By trevor hillyard
On 01/02/2017

I went to Bosworth school then Roland green. I remember a lot of the names that have been mentioned. Great times and memories. I lived on Bosworth road untill it was demolished. EZ9EB

By Patrick Tooby
On 02/02/2017

Didn't go to Bosworth but I do remember having great games of football on the school back field Bosworth had a great little footballer surname Smith I think.I lived on waterway street

By trevor hillyard
On 03/02/2017

Can anyone remember Mr Frear at Roland Green welsh sports teacher always had a size 10 slipper in his drawer called it a Dapper

By trevor hillyard
On 03/02/2017

For Brian Staples asking if I remember Barry Bass.

Not sure if the  name rings a bell, where did he work?



By John Blacknell
On 13/03/2017

We lived in Meredith terrace, went to Bosworth school early 70s. Good memories 

By Caroline
On 24/07/2017

Would love to hear from CLIFF BULLIVANT as we have a family connection through his grandparents!

By Ron Johnson
On 04/09/2017

would love to hear our paul and cliff bullivant are getting on 

By danny williamson
On 11/09/2017

I went to Bosworth school,1962-68. Lived at 217 wilford road. I have so many good memory's of my life down there as a child. My friends, Jane Dakin, Muriel Brown, Jakie Tooby, Dianna Doors, o god so many, but best not put them all, be here all day. I left to go live on a farm in 1968, But we still use to go back down to the Meadows a lot. Till it was all pulled down, so sad. I live in the Scottish Highlands now. Far away. But the meadows will always be in me. Love to all i new there.


By Georgina Shanon
On 11/09/2017

I lived at 83 Rupert Street, with my sister Kathleen and mum and dad. I went to welbeck infants and junior school, then deering when it was first built. lovely memories of the meadows, queuing outside the Imperial picture house on wilford Rd on a saturday afternoon,knew the Sims family and Ida Smith,Mrs Bilbie and lots more. Great times  

By Sandra Smith
On 13/09/2017

Hi Ron/Danny

I dont do facebook but email

By Cliff Bullivant
On 16/10/2017

We lived on kingsmeadow rd and went to Bossworth rd and then Deering school I remember the barbers shop which all the kids used to be in and out remember Fred's shop mum got stuff on the Book ,paid at the weekend ,days out at The paddling pool down Embankment didn't cost owt Also if we was lucky we got to go to the pleasure park down the Trent , remember Trickets where mum and auntie Joyce took rags in exchange for money.Times were hard but we were happy .I remember the crocus pub were mum and dad went on a Saturday night 

By Teddy Harrison as was
On 14/01/2018

Does anyone have any information on 120 Kings Meadow Rd? I have a friend looking for a relative that lived there in 1966 and has lost touch. The house is no longer and he was wondering if anyone had any info about the house or the person that lived there?? 

By Demetra
On 15/01/2018

I lived at 51 Rupert Street from 1960 to 1968. My mum was one of the dinner ladies at Bosworth Road at the time. I remember Mr Gent was the head, fatty Francis and Mr Stanton. I'd love to hear from Ivan Dolynskj, Tina Plewinski, (might have spelt the surnnam incorrectly), Christine Stapleton, Martin Salmon, Saverio Baldassare, Reggie Patterson, Eric Philipson, Pedro Richards and any one else who might remember me from the Meadows.

By Steve Bradshaw
On 29/01/2018

I was Rose Sheardand lived at 13a Wilford Cres West above the bookies and then moved across the road to 36 Wilford Cres West from 1961 to 1965 went to Trent Bridge school a d Roland Green my nephews who I lived with were Jonathan,David Sheard and one more but can't remember his name their mum was Shirley and dad was Kenneth and Auntie Audrey lived a street away.I remember Stephen Tyzet and his brother Paul?

On 05/02/2018

I've remembered my other nephews name Mark.I also used to sing in St Saviours church choir and went to the church youth club.BE6Qz

On 05/02/2018

Bradshaw you son of a gun! How the hell are you? Write to me at

By Ivan Dolynskyj
On 19/02/2018


By Deborah
On 05/03/2018

My family lived on Rupert street the meadows around the war years the Musson family.They ran a chip shop and cafe. My mum ‘Wanda Musson ‘ is still going strong at 91 

she still talks fondly about her formative years spent in this close community 

ted the fishman  peter taylor  etc 


By Andrew Burton
On 10/03/2018

John blacknell Barry bass or   Barry rust, his mother remarried,so he changed name

By Brian Staples
On 18/04/2018

please does anyone remember Patricia Phillips, that lived at 102 Kings Meadow Road, in the 1960s, was there in 1966. and do they know what happened to her.






By valerie santana
On 25/05/2018

Found this site today! I was born 1951 in 23 Rupert Street, eldest son of Audrey & Dennis Albery, we moved to West Bridgford (Bread & Lard Island) in 1952. Dennis was also born there, in 1919, as the only son of the unmarried Katherine Albery. She & her parents moved there in the 1880s from just south of Bedford. My great Grandmother was a lace maker, her husband was a Tailor and had his shop in Wilford Road, they both died during, not of, WW2 and are buried in Northern Cemertery. My father could, even in his later years, recite the names of all the families and their children in the terrace of 20 houses accessed by the one gunnel (tunnel) between Nos 29 & 31. this included the Swanwicks. Doris nee Albery was my great aunt, Sid my great uncle. By the time I was old enough to know them they lived on Lenton Lane, on the Corporations City Engineers Sports Ground, and had 5 children, Maureen, Sylvia?, Keith, and twins Neil & Susan. Sid was steward of the City Engineers Social Club, then on Greyhound Street (above where the public toilets are now) in the city center.

Thats all for now, hope it clangs a few old chains!    Richard Albery

By Richard Albery
On 17/10/2018

glad to find this site my name was ann waring when I went to Bosworth road school

By ann wood
On 02/11/2018

Brian Staples, my friend has been trying to find information on Patricia Philips. he thought she had lived at 120 Kings Meadow Road. please let me know if you have found anymore information on her, thank you

By Demetra
On 29/01/2019

just a question for andy charlesworth do you have a relative called david about 65 years of age went to welbeck

By trevor hillyard
On 08/02/2019

I lived on essex street and went to Bosworth but hatred it. I was pushed down the concrete stairs.

but loved my street I remember an old lady called Minnie living 2 doors down always had a white cat sat on her window sill and a girl called Adele Dale 

spent most of my time at her house 

slums they may have been but you really had the sense of community 


By julie curwood
On 08/03/2019

Julie Curwood, I remember a girl called Adele Dale, she always wore her hair in pigtails, wonder if it is the same Adele?
We were in the same class at Bosworth Juniors

By Elaine Meads
On 18/03/2019

i went to bosworth loved the meadows with a passion,my mum was kathleen smith(formaly Hayes)l lived at 41 kingsmeadow rd my dad was malc smith uncles where ron alan gerald stan hayes aunty was carol and angela hayes played football for bosworth in our green and white kits remember few people karen wyhatt margeret magraph karen mason loved going down the pad swimming in the river leen lenton dump and dogs alleyremember the bus trips from the pubs santa at the clifton miners xmas party at the ROF my uncle alan,Tiger has he was called

By mark smith
On 21/05/2019

Hi there...i was wondering if you could help me please?

My Nanna passed away yesterday and i know she lived here many moons ago, but i cant work out which terrace..the writing is hard to understand, it begins with a K? 

Her name was Gladys Bowser (also called herself Audrey)

By Nadine Wood
On 08/08/2019

My family lived at 13 Rupert St from 1962-1974. We were Mam (Janet), Dad (Bill), me (Patrick), brother (Derrick) and sister (Julie). Our grandparents, Hilda and Len Keetch lived 2 doors away at No. 9.  Dad’s brother (Alec) lived in Watt St with his wife Renee.  Lovely to see all those names from our past. Wherever I have been in the world, I have never forgotten and always remain immensely proud of how ‘The Medders’ made me the man I am now. 

By Pat Badder
On 08/08/2019

Wow! So impressed with this site. I lived in Morrisons Terrace  Essex Street from 1955 and went to Bosworth Road School then Deering Secondary which was later called Roland Green. My maiden name was Allen. Have some good ... and bad .... memories of my time in the meadows. A few of the names above I recognise as being in the same year/class as me when I attended both Bosworth and Deering. 

I had a tough time at school but pleased to say that as time went on after leaving I made a success of my life. 


By Jacqueline Selby
On 01/10/2019

Hi. I’ve just found this site and saw Brian Staples. Wondering if you are any relation to Glenys. I was at Deering School from when it opened 1955 . Also there was Anne Haywood, Pat Feeley. Mary Richardson ,Jacqueline Townsend. it would be great to get in touch after all these years. I left Deering in 1958. 

By Mavis Skill. Formerly Hextall
On 01/10/2019

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