World's first gas-powered plough(?)

Made by Barton Bros. of Beeston, Notts

This fuzzy, damaged picture, obviously taken from a local newspaper (not identified) was recently found being used as part of a backing in a family photo frame.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'World's first gas-powered plough(?)' page

Fortunately there is quite a lengthy and informative caption still attached beneath the picture which reads as follows:-

"Above is depicted the first motor plough ever operated by gas power.

"The photograph was taken at Wood Thorpe Grange while the machine was ploughing land for Mr J.G. Small, Mayor of Nottingham, on Monday, Feb 18th, 1918.

"As will be seen in the illustration, the coal gas which provided the power is carried in a collapsable chamber on the roof, and while one is in use another is being filled at the nearest gas supply".

Can anyone supply any further information about this interesting machine or its makers?  If so, please leave a Comment via the link below.

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