The Dukeries Academy (formerly Dukeries Comprehensive School)

50th Anniversary - Did you attend the school?

By Jane Paling

The original Dukeries Comprehensive School was built in 1964 on a campus which had excellent physical education and recreation provision, workshops, science and craft facilities.

At its peak the school accommodated 1800 students.

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Brief History of the School

In the 1980s the county council was facing significant declines in student numbers and, in consultation with the Department of Education & Science, produced an imaginative plan to remodel the school over three years. The project was completed in 1985, with the school redesignated as a Community College within a broader-reaching Dukeries Complex.


Community College

The Dukeries Complex  rapidly became a unique federation of organisations providing education for all, recreation, youth work, information and library services together with care services for the very young, the elderly and for those with learning disabilities.

The complex featured an FE College, a Day Centre for Older People, a Young People’s Centre, Ollerton & Boughton’s Children’s Centre, a Construction Centre, an indoor and outdoor horse-riding centre (incorporating the Dukeries RDA), a community theatre, a Leisure Centre, a Community Workshop, a hair salon, a beauty training room, a motor vehicle workshop, a public library, a Day Centre for Adults with Learning Disabilities, Nottinghamshire Fire Training Centre, Nottinghamshire’s Registrar Service and Notts Homecare (a social enterprise) on our site.

The complex proved effective in securing additional external funding to further develop facilities and services. The theatre was been refurbished and hosts a variety of dramatic and musical events, whilst a £1m investment from the Sports Lottery resulted in floodlit all-weather pitches and tennis courts.

The forward-looking enviro-centre (opened by Prince Edward), and Construction Centre (opened by Ed Balls) have also resulted from successful bids.


A College of Further Education

The Dukeries College of Further Education was started in 1983 and now delivers a wide range of learning opportunities for those aged 16 and over.

The main provision is in Childcare, Health & Social Care, Construction, Skills for Life (Functional Skills), Administration and IT, but we also offer a range of short courses in leisure activities such as painting and drawing and foreign languages, as well as apprenticeship training and  Access to Higher Education courses. Dukeries FE has its own accommodation on site and access to all specialist areas when not in use by the Academy.


An Academy

With its image and reputation improving all the time, the college chose to become a sponsored Academy (from January 2013) in partnership with the Academies Transformation Trust. Working with ATT, we have committed to the ATT vision for all their sponsored schools of providing ‘An Outstanding Education for All’. Many changes are in hand and planned to support achieving this vision.

Do please visit our website, at, to find out more about us.


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Comments about this page

I attended between1970/76 all I remember is Mr apply and miss West but good time the dukeries youth club.

By Paul walker
On 29/03/2016

i was a former pupil age 11 in 1964 I remember standing in what was known as the covered area, and waiting for Mr West headmaster, Mr Greenhough deputy head, and miss Graham deputy headmistress to tell us which class we were in. We were in awe of the Dukeries school rubber floors nice desks and stairs, Mr west used to walk the corridors a bit like Darth Vader we were taught to walk on the left to open doors for teachers, to stand when a teacher came into the room, and to walk downstairs on the left. We were forbidden to run. I was involved in the youth services later in my life, and working for social services I used to take part in mock interviews for 5th formers. Much later I met Mr West when he needs help to support his wife at home via social services he told me the marbles he confiscated he dropped them inside the hem of his black gown to weight it down, and used to walk the corridors swinging the hems of his gown round and round. A brilliant school with lots of history and all of my 3 children and two grandchildren attended it. 

By Dennis Slaney
On 01/10/2019

I was in the first wave of pupils at the school in 1964. I remember I was in Pelham House and have wonderful memories of this cutting-edge establishment with its abundant facilities and would be great to get in touch with some schoolmates from that period...some of whom come to mind... Bruce Staley, Mark Woodhead, Martin Coops, Moyra Anderson.....

After my A-levels in maths and physics I went to London University, to study Philosophy & Physics, followed by a post-graduate teaching course at Putney Hill. After doing a few stints as a lifeguard on various London pools I moved to France, then 12 years later to California. I eventually moved back to Paris where I was a bookseller until my retirement last year..... I am now residing in Armenia! Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me....

By Michal Kamionko
On 17/12/2019

hi Michal,lots of people on Facebook from our era.Some asking about you.Dukeries Comprehensive is the site.

By Stuart Brown
On 12/08/2020

I attended Dukeries comprehensive school from 1968-1974. I had great opportunities to play in the various bands and sing in the choir. I travelled with the band to Germany, USA and Canada. We made an LP record and I had the pleasure of playing with the band at The Royal Albert Hall. I really enjoyed my school days and benefited by attending the school. 

By Linda Barker
On 12/10/2020

What were the names of the 6 houses?

By Jayne Bradley
On 07/05/2021

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