Railway Bridge over the Trent at Thrumpton

Photo:Railway bridge over the River trent at Trent Lock, c.1910

Railway bridge over the River trent at Trent Lock, c.1910

Photographed after the lines of railway had been increased to 4 in 1895, the picture also shows the entrances to the two Red Hill tunnels

The Nottingham and Derby Railway Companion of 1838 (p.23) describes the bridge as follows

"The bridge.... was commenced in June 1838; it is of cast iron, with stone piers and abutments, consisting of three arches, 100 feet span each, with a versed rim of ten feet, and the width of the road-way 27 feet.

"The piers are 10 feet wide and 40 feet long, and are 22 feet below the level of the water.

"There are two twent-five feet flood arches on the north side.

"The ironwork was furnished by the Butterley Company"

In 1895 the lines of railway were doubled to 4 necessitating the building of a 'new bridge' alongside that described above.  With reference to the photograph, the above description refers to that side of the bridge which is nearest the camera.

In the photograph the bridge may be seen connecting with the castellated north portal of the Red Hill railway tunnels.  For more information on these tunnels, click HERE

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