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Farndon Archaeological Research Investigations F.A.R.I

By Anne Coyne


FARI currently comprises some 30 members who come from a whole range of backgrounds.  Some have previously worked in Archaeology whilst others are pursuing a formal qualification in the subject.  By far the largest number are those who simply have an interest in the subject and are looking for opportunities to learn more and participate in archaeological and historical investigations.

Whilst concentrating our efforts in the Newark area, F.A.R.I has also undertaken investigations further afield in Nottinghamshire and adjacent counties and we draw members from across the East Midlands.  With links to both the professional archaeological community and to other amateur groups we can provide a whole range of different activities for anyone interested in finding out more about the archaeological heritage of their local area.


For more than a decade FARI has carried out high quality archaeological investigative work across Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.  We work closely with the local authorities, professional groups and experts to ensure that all work is completed to the highest standards and that our results are published as widely as possible so that the community as a whole can benefit from improving knowledge about the past.

We also help to identify sites at risk and find ways of ensuring they are protected and preserved for the future.  Our aims are twofold, firstly to investigate, record and preserve the archaeological heritage of our area.  Secondly to encourage more people to take an interest, and become actively involved in archaeological investigations.


We offer members training in a whole range of different archaeological skills including;

Use of geophysical equipment


Field Walking

Excavation techniques and recording


Finds Processing

Historical research and analysis

We hold regular talks and training sessions on all aspects of history and archaeology designed to help members develop a thorough background knowledge of the archaeological heritage of our local area, and a more general understanding of the basic principles of archaeology and important aspects of the history of Britain.

Training is open to all members even if they are unable to actually take part in fieldwork.  We can always find something interesting for you to do no matter what your circumstances or previous experience!


The programme can be viewed at the following website


FARI meet at 7.30pm every Wednesday at the Farndon Memorial Hall, Marsh Lane, Farndon, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 3SZ.


Richard Tyndall, Chairman, email

John Miller, Secretary, email

Anne Coyne, Event Co-ordinator, email




Photo:Farndon Walk 2006

Farndon Walk 2006

Richard Tyndall

Farndon Memorial Hall Farndon

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