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Mr P. D. Atkinson, aged 78, who now lives in Clifton, tells us the story as he remembers it. He lived in the Meadows at the time and remembers reading it in the Evening Post.

"Come on Baby"

The elephant was part of a circus brought to Nottingham by train to the Low Level Station. It was stabled under the arches of the Railway Bridge. It escaped but was soon caught by its keeper who reportedly said ‘Come on Baby’ as it was taken safely back to the Arches. Whether Baby was its official name is not known, but the name was adopted affectionately by local people.

There was only one casualty during this incident. An elderly lady was a little perturbed when Baby pushed its trunk through her letterbox.

That is Mr Atkinson’s recollection of the event. Can anyone else add to the story?

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I believe the lady was Mrs Wing, who lived in the corner house of Derwent Street and Brookfield Place. It knocked her door down.

I vaguely remember three escaped elephant incidents.

One when I opened the bedroom window to see what the noise was and found myself face to face with the elaphant! That went on to turn over a morgam Sports car on Derwent Street, and then lodged itself in a window of a house near the J Lyons depot.

I loved living in the Meadows then.


By Gerald Chambers
On 30/06/2015

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