Talking Heads

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Local gay men and lesbians talk about their experiences

By David Edgley

Nottinghamshire’s Rainbow Heritage has been gathering audio recordings of local lesbians and gay men of all ages who have been prepared to talk about issues and experiences.  The link at the bottom of the page will take you to a page on our website from which you can hear about 50 extracts from these interviews.

The topics which are covered include:

Coming out to the bishop

Realising you are in a minority

Being called a child molester

Gays in the forces during WW2

Why I got married

The bicycling transvestite

What the Canon said

The News of the World

What Leviticus says

Gays in the Archers

Fond memories of the Pavilion Club

Tate Bona


Click HERE to go to the link on the website

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