Nottingham Industrial Museum

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Reopened in March 2012

By Joseph Earp

Nottingham Industrial Museum is located at Wollaton Park and is set to reopen on March the 17th.

Currently every last Sunday of each month we have a Steaming day run by the Arkwright Society where we bring to life some of our collections.

Before the 1960s there was little formal collecting of industrial historical material. The exception was a collection of lace machinery, on display at Nottingham Castle to reflect the importance of the city's contribution to the Lace Industry. 

From 1964 a separate industrial collection was established, largely concentrating on the local textile, coal mining and light metal (bicycles, motorcycles etc.) trades. It was in 1966 that the stable yard at Wollaton Park became home to this collection - formally opening to the public in 1971. 

Today the museum holds collections that portray the importance of Nottingham as a city built upon industry and reflect the wide diversity of these industries.

The museum is ran by volunteers and are looking for more to help out. 

Check the new website for details at:

Also have a look at the article section of the website. Regular articles are wrote by The New Nottingham Hidden History Team. Articles so far have been Huntingdon Beaumont's Railway line and a look at Thomas Humber's early working years in Nottingham Industries. 

More are on the way.

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