Queen's Walk School, The Meadows

Photo:Welbeck School (formerly Queen's Walk School) The Meadows 1971

Welbeck School (formerly Queen's Walk School) The Meadows 1971


Queen's Walk Junior School, The Meadows Nottingham was known in later years as Welbeck School. The original building was demolished in 1971 and replaced with the modern Welbeck School.

The school was on the corner of Kinglake Street and Queen's Walk.

One teacher was Mr Derrick Moore who taught at the school from 1949 to 1966.

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Queen's Walk School 1947 -1952 I attended Queen's Walk Junior School from age 5 to age 11 years old. One of my school teachers was named Mr Moore. He must have been in his late twenties so we called him 'Old Man Moore'. One day he asked the class to paint a picture, subject not suggested. I sat pndering what to draw or paint. Mr Moore, after a while he came behind me and said 'What's that, a foggy night in London Town?' On another occasion, again having to do a drawing or colour picture, I drew a scene from a Western film (I loved Red Indians and always wanted them to win in the films we saw, but they never did). One of the Indians was named Cochise, who was a famous Apache, but when 'Old Man Moore' looked over my shoulder and said, 'Who's Chockice?' But he was a brilliant teacher in spite of his ignorance.

By Mike Willars
On 19/03/2012

I was born in 1952, but i remember going to Welbeck, we lived in Mona Cottages in Kinglake St. and moved to Clifton were we stayed there until 1965, then emigrated to Australia.... now 61 living in Perth, Western Australia

By Alan Toogood
On 24/10/2013

Great to receive your memories all the way from Australia, Alan. Do you have any photos or other memories about your time in Nottinghamshire?

By Website Administrator
On 24/10/2013

I went to Queens Walk from 1947 until 1953 when I moved to Trent Bridge. The head master at Queens Walk was a little guy by the name of Pulfer and two of his staff were Mr. Raven and Miss Costa. I lived in Furlong terrace on Middle Furlong Roadso the walk to school was pretty short

By David Gallagher
On 11/03/2014

I went to Queens Walk School from 1945 until 1951 when i moved to Trent Bridge School. I also remember Mr.Pulfrey and in particular Mr.Moore, he was my Form Master. What a brilliant Teacher he was too. If there is anyone out there who attended the School around that period please e-mail and maybe we can swap info. Thanks. Robin

By Robin Newman
On 17/09/2014

I was at welbeck school til 1966. Mr Moore was a brilliant teacher. I also remember Mr howett, head. 

I went to school with Bertram Bowery, marilyn wray, Janet or Janice swinscoe/a good friend. 

By Julie Jones
On 27/04/2015

I went to Welbeck School from 1952 until 1958, I lived on Wilford Road, at the top of Kinglake Street, my best friend was Kathleen Turner who lived on Waterway Street, Mr Moore was my teacher and was a great teacher

By Madge Wren nee Lambert
On 30/06/2015

Robin Newman now lives in Ireland  after attending Queens Walk school   he went to trent bridge school  He is trying to locate ex school mates

By alan morphus
On 29/10/2015

I was at welbeck from 1947 till 1951 went to farnborough rd clifton. Loved school remember going to leenside for pe ..my name was Maureen ellingworth then remember few names .lived on Ebenezer terrace. Clayton street off queens drive .winfield coal merchant was next door to us I played with their son Derek.

By maureen cavendish
On 03/11/2016

My aunty Millie lived ebenezer terrace , I live number 4 Clayton st , anyone Kew the dexter sisters ? Or treacers polish factory ? X

By Lydia clay
On 21/01/2018

Does anyone know is this was the Queens Walk Girls Board School in 1881?  I have books from my great grandmother who attended that school in 1881 to 1884.

By Nigel Wells
On 16/02/2018

I was here until 1958. I remember Mr Moore, Mr Walker, Mr Ward, Mrs Edwards and Miss Sylvie as well as Mr Pulfer and Mr Howlett. Happy days. One year two boys started to bully me as I walked home up Queen's Walk. This happened a couple of times and I told my mother. The next day Mr Pulfer came into my class, followed by the two boys and my mother, He gave them the strap on their hands and declared that he would not tolerate bullying in his school- problem solved.

By John Shirley
On 15/03/2019

Me and my brother went to the school I was born 1963 and my brother in 1961

lived at 4a summers street meadows.

i remember Christmas  play as the king about 1969?

I have a Nottingham  post picture happy to share .

By Sawern Singh
On 25/01/2021

I went to welbeck school back in the 60s as i lived on blackstone street i also rememder bertram bowery and going on the park across the road from the school we use to walk to portland baths for swimming lessons great days happy times by David Garton 29/2/23.

By david garton
On 16/03/2023

Was at welbeck infants about 1967-71

lived at  4a summer street off Arkwright st

chip shop on to of hill 

love to connect with any one

Sawern singh 



By Sawern singh
On 11/12/2023

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