Dawson's Fish and Chip Shop, Gateford Road Worksop

Dawsons Fish and Chip Shop Gateford Road Worksop

By Pat Malkin

Fish in those days came by rail from Grimsby and was collected from the station by two wheeled sack barrows, coal for the cooking range was delivered by lorry on to the pavement and from there shoveled into the cellar beneath the shop.

Potatoes came by lorry and taken by sack barrow to the rear of the shop via a tunnel between the shops and stored, they were skinned by a rumbler the eyes were taken out by hand the potatoes were stored in a galvanised barrel of fresh water, when they were needed they were taken by bucket and bowl to the shop through the kitchen and dining area where they were chipped by hand press and cooked.

The fish took the same route after being prepared and sized and were dipped in batter and cooked.

Mushy peas were cooked in a bucket on the cooker in the kitchen of the premises.

Kindly donated from his childhood memories from Bob Parnell

This page was added by Pat Malkin on 29/05/2012.
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My father was Bob Parnell. The memories he gave would be from the time before the Dawsons took over the business.

Bob's uncle and aunt Ernest and Ethel Mason ran the chip shop. I do not know when they started but we're certainly still going in the 1950's and 60's.

My brother David and I sometimes helped to chop the chips when we were schoolboys in the 60's and were given some pocket money and free fish and chips.

My father was also a friend of Barry Dawson and his wife. He worked with Barry when he was employed at Shirley Alfred's charcoal works down Sandy Lane. They use to play badminton and sometimes golf.

By John Parnell
On 04/01/2023

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