The Red Lion at Underwood.

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A Local Pub.

By Peter Bowler

The picture was taken in the very early 1900s and its still a thriving pub today.

It has been extended but the front, the elevation in the picture, is still very similar now. The door has been bricked up and the window frames replaced but apart from that no major change to the front, in fact you could stand opposite with this picture look at it then look at the building and its quite recognisable, although its a lot smarter now.

The two ladies second and third from the left are mother and daughter - relatives of my wife.

Left to right they are- 1 a lady who attended births and layed out people who had died; 2+3 Mrs Holmes and her daughter; 4 unknown; 5 Mrs Povey, landlady; 6 Mrs Povey's friend, she also lived at the pub; 7 Albert Grainger. The other person and the baby I don't know who they are.

Albert Grainger lived a very long life I don't know if he reached 100 but I used to have a drink with him and two of his friends of similar age in the Red Lion in the 1980s.  He lived opposite the pub.

My wife's father has the original photo and showed it to the three of them not knowing the little lad was Albert.  He pointed to his younger self and said "thats me" -  and I must say there was a definate likeness. 

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