The old meadows

By Dawn Thomas

My name was Dawn power.I use to live at 167 Rupert street,meadlows.I have just turned 60 last month.when I was 7to 8 years old I attended Bosworth rd school then went on to Trent bridge at the age of 11.I was in Miss Crabtree,s class also murphy.I can,t remembe any of the names of any child that was in my class.I have two brothers Paul power who is 62 and Nigel who is 56.we attended St Georges church on a regular basis.It would be nice to know if anyone remembers me and my mam,s name is June,and dad name is peter power.I can remember the name Steven payne,also livening in Rupert street,the name,s Deborah Cook,Lavina Murphy,somebody with the surname Tooby.In 1970 wheni was 11 me and my family went to live in the Rhondda valley South Wales,and that is where we still live.I have fond memories of the old meadows,and shopping on ArkWright street,and going to woolworth in the city.such happy time,s Dawn Thomas (nee power)

This page was added by Dawn Thomas on 12/02/2019.
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all my family was from the meadows the greenhalgh family lived on rupert street

By michael william greenhalgh
On 08/08/2019

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