Skegby and Stanton Hill


By Marg Thorne

The majority of evacuees who came to Skegby and Stanton Hill arrived from Birmingham, whereas Sutton played host to Southend Evacuees.

One of the young teachers from Mansfield Road School had the unenviable task of allocating homes for the children.  She was told that if the curtains looked nice and tidy, that would be a suitable home!

When the children arrived some families had quite a lot to contend with.  Not only did they have to welcome the children and settle them into the daily routines of the home, but also head lice and scabies could be added problems which weren't expected.  One child who found herself living with an evacuee was made to have her hair cut as protection against the head lice....pity that the same couldn't be said for the lodger who brought them with her, but the host parents were too afraid to order hers to be cut! 

The children were integrated with our own children during school  lessons, but they also had their own teachers who had accompanied them.  Many found new and lifelong friends.

One evacuee is remembered as being a secret drinker, when the liquid in the bottle of sherry which was kept on the stone slab in the pantry kept decreasing!  

Occasionally, parents of the evacuees would visit and check on their offspring.  One set of parents were devastated when their evacuee had no contact with her natural parents, and after six months sent a telegram enquiring why.  The father promptly visited, bringing with him a bar of chocolate.  Chocolate was never seen because of the rationing, and his daughter promptly took it, hid in a corner, and ate it all!

One child was about ten years old when she was admitted to hospital after a fall.  The surrogate family never once missed visiting her. 

Some of the evacuees stayed locally and married and others have kept in touch over the years. 

With the increasing interest in family history, some families of the evacuees are looking at where and with whom their ancestors lodged. 

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