Angel Row Local History Forum: A new open local history forum for Nottingham

Photo:Nottingham's Central Library on Angel Row is a great place to meet, with plenty of buses stopping outside and nearby to all parts of Greater Nottingham and as far afield as Bingham, East Leake and Newark.

Nottingham's Central Library on Angel Row is a great place to meet, with plenty of buses stopping outside and nearby to all parts of Greater Nottingham and as far afield as Bingham, East Leake and Newark.


By Robert Howard

Nottingham's newly refurbished Central Library on Angel Row in the city centre hosted the first of the Angel Row Local History Forums organised by NLHA on Tuesday, 15 February 2011.

The new forum is for anyone with an active interest in local history. How they develop will be down to participants as much as NLHA, but the intention is to encourage topical discussion and the sharing of information about all kinds of local history related activities in and around Nottingham. We want to create an atmosphere where there can be leisurely discourse and the chance to talk with others not only during the forums, but before and after.

There will be time at every Forum for Local Studies Library and Archives staff to tell us all their latest news and about any activities they have planned.

The Angel Row Local History Forums have been arranged with the aim of giving as many people as possible the opportunity to attend at least two meetings.

Nottingham Central Library is easily reached by public transport and there are plenty of places close by where you can buy drinks and snacks. We also hope to arrange Forum 'away days' (ideas please) and to generate spin-off groups, as those attending the forums get to know one another better. We look forward to seeing you.

The Angel Row Local History Forums, 1st Floor, Nottingham Central Library, Angel Row,organised by Nottinghamshire Local History Association and supported by Nottingham City Council Local Studies Library.

For more information contact:
Acting Forum Co-ordinator, Robert Howard, 3 Devonshire Promenade, Lenton, Nottingham NG7 2DS, tel: 0115 9700369, email:

For up-to-date news and information about the Forum, visit The Nottinghamshire Historian website.

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25 people came to the first Forum and took part in discussions about the future of Nottinghamshire Local history Association, open spaces and woodlands. Altogether, a good start. If you missed this meeting, please come along to the next Forum on Monday 16 May 2011. 1.30pm for a 2.00pm start. See you there.

By Robert Howard
On 12/04/2011

20 people came to the 2nd Forum in May and heard Val Bird from Bramcote History Group talk about how they try to involve the local community in their activities and how they use a flowchart to help plan future events and monitor past performance (the chart is being published in the next issue of The Nottinghamshire Historian, due out late-September 2011). The other guest was Dorothy Richie from Angel Row Local Studies Library, who told the Forum about how the Doubleday collection of over 400,000 index cards is currently in the process of being microfiched.

By Robert Howard
On 07/09/2011

The 3rd Forum was held on 5 September 2011 and attended by just 12 people, who heard Nottingham City Council's Archaeology Officer, Gordon Young, talk about his work. He explained how excavation work ('digs') are development driven, which often results in sites not be fully excavated. For example, the archaeology may be 2.5m down, but the dig has to stop at 2m because this is the depth of the developer's footings. The argument is that the archaeology will still be in situ undisturbed for future excavation. A lively discussion followed and it is a pity there were not more people there to enjoy it and learn in the process, but this was still an excellent meeting and captured the intended spirit of the Angel Row Local History Forums perfectly.

By Robert Howard
On 07/09/2011

The 4th Forum on 7 December 2011 was a great success, when over thirty people saw a collection of films from the MACE collection showing Raleigh workers taking part in sports days and social events during the early-1950s. A further four meetings for 2012 are being arranged for March, May, September and December — see the Diary of Events section for more information. All are welcome and from March we plan to provide refreshments and biscuits as well.

By Robert Howard
On 29/12/2011

The December 2012 Forum on the 12th was well attended and a wide range of topics were discussed from self-publishing to local history in China. We agreed to arrange four Forums in 2013 (dates to be arranged in the early-2013), one of which will be in the north of the county, with the aim of discussing the future role and organisation of Nottinghamshire Local History Association. We also discussed what motivated local historians to write and then want to publish their work, and the 'styles' adopted, from annotated books to popular periodicals. This led to a discussion about how local historians and societies engage with young people and the different ways people find into local history. The latter has prompted a separate entry, which I hope readers of this update to the Forum page will want to contribute to. The idea is that as many individuals as possible write about how they became actively interested in some aspect of history, be it a place, their family, a subject or an item. The possibilities seem endless once you ask the question, but by sharing our reminiscences about how we became involved, we may provide clues as to how history cum heritage can attract more participants at a time when many groups are in need of new volunteers and activists if they are to have a long-term future.

By Robert Howard
On 17/12/2012

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