Central Secondary School, Worksop

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Central Secondary School, Worksop' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Central Secondary School, Worksop' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Central Secondary School, Worksop' page

By Pat Malkin

The school pictured was once the Central Secondary School, it was built in 1925.

It was the school I attended and shows the girls playground and the dinner hall.

Centralians were called “Central Sausages” by the Priory School and the Priory School was called “Priory Humbugs” by the Centralians.


The Central School had a house point system where pupils could either win points or lose them.

The photograph of the closed gate would mean that I was late and would have some house points docked, which didn’t go down very well with the other members of the house.


I was in the house of Watts, which was green; Chopin was yellow, Shakespeare blue, and Newton red.


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I attended the Central Secondary Modern School from 1957-1960. Some of the teachers I remember were Mr. Kelsall(music) Mr Cole(Arithmetic). Miss Griffiths(English)a polish teacher who's name I can't remember, Mr Miles Mr Skelton Headmaster. There was also a married couple who's name I can't recall but she taught needlework. Great days when schools were a pleasure to attend

By Jim Charlesworth
On 15/11/2017

Mr and Mrs Mathers were the names you could not remember. There was also Mr Wetton taught art. I attende the central school in the late 50s and early 60s I was in chopin house we used to have merit cards on which points were given by staff for help given or good behavior. Happy days.

By Robert Charlesworth
On 04/12/2017

The Polish P.E. teacher was called Mr. Litegib. Mr Baily taught History. Mrs Brown girls P.E.

By Susan Lewis (Hibberd)
On 19/02/2018

I remember Mr Litgib. I think he was Austrian small fella very hairstylist. Introduced us to basket ball and gym equipment like parallel bars. I remember Sue Hibbard as well. I had a pal called john Hibbard was he related. Also Kenny Mitchell Ian Scott Graham Barnet. Linda Genders Jennifer Hopkinson. I lived on Waverley Pllace on Manton Estate. Happy Days

By Robert charlesworth
On 23/02/2018

I attended this school in the mid 1960s

I was in shakespeare

most of the teachers listed above were there when I was and there was also Mrs Locke who taught french,Mr& Mrs Mills who taught PE, Miss Walker who taught cookery,Mr.Whitehouse who taught English and Mr Mottram was the headmaster.

I was in trouble a few times with Mrs Mather as my skirts were too short and caught smoking in the toilets.

That big slipper she had came keen

Mr Solway taught group R

Mr Kelso was my favourite teacher and learnt to play the violin in his class

By Susan Brown
On 11/06/2018

I worked at Portland School in the 70's and several of the teachers mentioned in the earlier comments were at the school.  Mrs Mathers was Senior Mistress,  Mr. Whetton head of art.  Mr. Goddard worked at the Central School which was by then an annexe to Portland.  Everyone talked very fondly of the Central.  

By Elizabeth Powell
On 14/06/2018

we had a cookery teacher called miss ward and another one called miss walker.In one of the cookery rooms was a small room that was called a flat and a friend and myself invited 2 teachers for a 3 course meal which we enjoyed making and the teachers enjoyed eating.

There used to be a pond at the back of the school which you avoided on the last day of school as it was common practise to be  thrown in

By Susan Brown
On 19/06/2018

I was at the school from 1965 to 1969. I remember: Mr Edge, woodwork teacher,  Mr Eeley, metalwork,  Mr Cole, maths and TD,  Mr Mathewman, science,  Mr Wetton and Mrs Locke, art,  Mrs Mills, music and Mr Mills, games,  Mr Mottram was the headmaster.  Others I remember: Mrs Mather,  Mr Lush,  Mr Bailey, Mr Askew and Mr Solway.

By David Marsden
On 26/02/2019

Does any body remember the Head boys and Prefects in the late 60s and also the football team members I was the Captain and played for Worksop boys . I now live in Jersey but have fond memories. Barry.

By Barry Neill
On 17/12/2019

I started at the Central School 1961 Leaving in 1965 all the teachers mentioned were there in those times. I used to get a lift to school with Mr Cole the deputy head in his black Riley car and later a Vauxhall Viva. I lived at Budby so It saved me money on bus fares. The headmaster was Mr Ellis  who later went to Meden School at Warsop. I used to love the metalwork and woodwork classes, can’t recall the metalwork teachers name but remember my father giving him a car engine to for teaching purposes. I would love to have a walk around the old place but it looks very run down the last time I passed by.

By John morley
On 12/06/2020

I was at the school from 1966 to 69 then had one year at Portland I can remember Mr Frazier PE teacher and Maths, Mr Askew English, Mr Wheaton French and Art, Miss Rousell, Geography, Mr Lush Maths. I think he was Deputy Head, had a proper curly handle cane. I can remember Mr Askew saying Coupe you're good at football come to the front and kick one of the other lad back side if you don’t kick hard enough you will get slipper

By Jeffrey coupe
On 31/08/2021

Hi guys can't believe I found this site.all the names of the teachers came flooding back and Barry Neil.(hello mate its Mick Wilkinson,I broke my knee cap at the summer games. I was a pretty good swimmer before that. Good memories.(remind me did you have ginger type hair)

Mick Wilkinson

By Michael Wilkinson
On 26/09/2022

Gosh I was only searching for the flats that Central  secondary modern school has been turned into ???????
and then I found this, well what a surprise I was at Central secondary modern school from 1966 to 1969 where I moved up to Portland comprehensive school and had a year there, I was just beginning to do quite well at Central school before we went comprehensive and then I went down with my schoolwork like a lead balloon ??.. but I have a few fond memories of being there..Mr Askew was my most favourite teacher, and I do remember the funny antics of some of the boys having to slipper at each other as Mr Askew sat at his desk LOL.. I was good at English and Mr Askew was an excellent teacher.

I had to travel from outside Worksop to get to school on a bus every morning, I still managed to get there when the buses weren’t running because of heavy snow or occasionally on strike …

i’m still in touch with a friend from my school days there… however we both have moved away, I live in Shropshire now, and my friend lives down south.
My friends father has  recently died, he owned the hardware  shop on Bridge Street…it’s still there and run by the same family.

An interesting ‘find‘ on here this morning. Hope you all are well and Happy.


By Laura Wood
On 31/10/2022

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